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Artondale Elementary Replacement

Southeast View AES Render
5/21/21 Aerial View of Current Building Outline and New Building Outline
View of new building in progress with construction fence from current parking lot with tree framing shot
View from current parking lot of corner of new building exterior and existing parking lot
Exterior view of one wing of new building with fence line and scaffolding
View of hallway in progres with ladder, unfinished floor, exposed ceiling, classroom entry frames

A new building will be constructed on the school’s existing upper playfield, allowing students and staff to remain in the old school until the new building opens. After the new school is opened, the existing school will be demolished and the new playfield will be constructed. 




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Jessica Rosendahl

 I take a moment each day to look out my office window at the progress of the construction project and visualize our new amazing building. I look forward to hearing children playing, learning, and interacting with each other. The opportunities are endless for a bright future for our Otter learning community.Principal Jessica Rosendahl


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Patrick Gillespie
Director of Facilities
(253) 530-3880 

Vicki Smith
Capital Projects Coordinator

Project Management Consultants
Greene Gasaway
Jeff Greene, Calvin Gasaway,
Jesse Ahlberg, Sam Rosendahl