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Job Application FAQ

I forgot my applicant (FastTrack) Username and/or Password. How do I retrieve them?

To retrieve your username and/or password, go to the main login screen where you would normally
enter that information. Below the “Log In” button you will see a link that says “Forgot your
username/password.” Click on that link and enter the email address that you used to create your
account. Your username and password will then be emailed to you at that address. If you do not see the
email in your Inbox, check in your Bulk/Spam/Junk folder.

When I click on the “View Open Positions and Apply” button, nothing happens. Why?

When you click on that link, a new “pop-up” browser window will open that will allow you to enter our
online application system. If your computer is set to not allow pop-ups, it will prevent the new window
from opening and you will not be able to log in or view open positions. If nothing appears to happen
when you click on the “View Open Positions and Apply” button, you can either click at the top of your
screen where it says “allow pop-ups from this site” or you can change your security settings to allow

What if I have a letter of recommendation that is not in electronic form?

If you are not able to scan and attach your documents to the application please contact Human Resources for assistance at 253-530-1011.

Why did I receive an email stating that my application was incomplete?

When you receive the email stating that your application was incomplete, it means that the application
we received was unfinished or not submitted to Human Resources. You must answer all the questions
listed and click on the “Submit to HR” button on the main page of your application in order to be
considered for a position. If you did not finish or submit your application before the closing date/time,
then we did not receive and accept your application. To avoid this from happening in the future, please
make sure you answer each question listed and press the “Submit to HR” button on the online
application. Even after you click the “Submit to HR” button, you may still go into your application and
make changes up until the closing date and time.

How do I attach a resume, letter of recommendation, or other relevant documentation to my application?

Each job posting will tell you exactly what documents you need to include with your application.
Attaching documents is required for most certificated/administrative positions and you will be
automatically removed from the applicant pool if you do not submit all required documentation. We do
not accept paper copies of any documents and you must have your files in electronic form in order to
attach them to your application. There are limits to the size of files that can be attached to your
application, although the limits are very large so you shouldn’t have a problem attaching most
documents. If you do exceed a size limit, try saving your file in a different format that requires less
space. Please see the job posting for information regarding confidential Placement Files. (We are
recommending that they be sent electronically to Human Resources to be attached to your file.)

How do I insert an institution/degree/major/minor not listed in the drop-down box?

When you click on the drop-down box a list of all the default locations/degrees will appear. At the very
top of the list it says “new value not on list.” If you click on the selection, the system will allow you to type
in your specific information.