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Accounting Technician

Job Description 


This position provides technical and clerical support for the District’s Business Service’s Department by preparing deposits, completing transmittals to the Pierce County Treasurer and maintaining the District’s ACH transfer system, the Accounts Receivable system and all checking accounts. Responds to questions, both verbally and in writing, regarding District cash handling policies. Maintains reviews and reports all revenue coding to the District Depository Account. Performs other general accounting tasks. 

Reports to the Business Manager. Receives direction from the Asst. Business Manager / Accountant


  1. Prepares, balances and make deposits for revenue received at the district level. 
  2. Processes and enters deposits, credit memos, debit memos and notices of returned items from the bank into the District accounting system. Maintains the District log for NSF and returned items. Serves as District liaison for NSF items. Communicate to buildings and department staff regarding NSF checks and monitors accounts to recover items. 
  3. Audits transmittals from the buildings for proper coding, accuracy and prepares reports for District transmittals to the Pierce County Treasurer. Enters local receipts in the District’s accounting system. Prepares and reconciles monthly summary reports for school/department transmittal reports. 
  4. Responsible for producing and processing all building’s revenue refund check requests, to insure proper documentation, authorization fund accounts and budget coding. Responsible for preparation of checks from the District’s Revolving, ASB clearing account and General Fund checking accounts. Audits and reconciles monthly bank statements for the District’s checking accounts. Prepares replenishment forms as required. 
  5. Prepares, maintains and transmits all ACH transfer batches using ACH software. Transmits at least weekly to the Pierce County Treasurer using ACH software. Maintains District records for automatic ACH withdrawal for monthly tuition payments as determined using ACH software. 
  6. Audits accounts receivable documentation and prepares accounts receivable invoices, mail, distribute and maintain District’s Accounts Receivable logs. Monitor outstanding invoices, send out second notices, notify appropriate District departments of unpaid items. Makes telephone contact to collect items as necessary. 
  7. Audits, reconciles and assures accuracy for all Revolving and Imprest checking account replenishment requests, completeness and documentation. Refers discrepancies to the Finance Director or Business Services Supervisor. 
  8. Develops and updates, distributes and maintains forms and receipt books for district. Maintains distribution records orders forms and supplies as needed. Assures all buildings receive proper forms, supplies and updated materials for banking and cash receipting functions. 
  9. Manages and reports unclaimed property information to Department of Revenue annually. Includes recognizing stale dated checks, corresponding with payees, reissuing checks, when appropriate affidavits are completed, and reporting unclaimed property annually. 
  10. Provides support and assures that all questions from staff concerning banking, transmittals, revenue reports and any other reports or related topics are answered correctly and promptly. Suggests changes to policy, procedure and forms management as needed. 
  11. Creates spreadsheets and prepares documentation for year-end closing regarding NSF, clearing accounts and accounts receivable.
  12. Provides backup for journal entries as needed. 
  13. Serves as District contact for rules regarding donations and appropriate procedure for acceptance of funds.
  14. Maintains departmental records and manuals as required by the State and the Washington State Information Processing Cooperative (WSIPC).
  15. Performs other related accounting duties as required. 

Office environment; experiences frequent interruptions, required to meet inflexible deadlines. Requires visual concentration on detail, dexterity and precision. 


FLSA: Covered 


Education and Experience:
High school graduation or equivalent with training in bookkeeping procedures and three years of bookkeeping experience. 

Allowable Substitution:
Advanced technical training in bookkeeping or accounting may substitute on a month-to- month basis for up to one year of the required experience. 

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

  • Knowledge of bookkeeping procedures; ability to maintain accurate records.
  • Proficient in keyboarding.
  • Skill in operating a 10-key calculator by touch.
  • Skill in operating a variety of office machines.
  • Skill in using Excel Software.
  • Effective oral and written communication skills.
  • Ability to communicate bookkeeping procedures to school office staff.
  • Ability to operate a computer (must include accounting software equivalent to Excel and Quicken).
  • Ability to learn federal, state and district rules and regulations.
  • Ability to set-up and maintain an accurate filing system.
  • Ability to attend to detail and follow tasks through to completion.
  • Ability to organize and set priorities.
  • Ability to work effectively under pressure.
  • Ability to work independently with minimal supervision.
  • Ability to maintain confidentiality.
  • Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with staff. 

Licenses / Special Requirements

Updated: 09/2011