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Building Athletic Director - PHS

Job Description


To assist in the implementation of an appropriate and effective athletic program.

Reports to Building Principal


  1. Coordinate athletic registration for all sports during each sports season.
  2. Make certain that eligibility rosters are prepared for each sport and sent to Principal and District Athletic Director before first contest.
  3. Maintain a master eligibility file for all athletes.
  4. Serve as building athletic budget coordinator.
  5. After Principal determines amount of funds available, formulate annual ASB athletic budget recommendations and submit to Principal for approval.
  6. Make district athletic budget recommendations as requested by District Athletic Director.
  7. Coordinate purchase of equipment as requested by head coaches and approved by Principal.
  8. Manage building equipment and facilities.
  9. Coordinate care and storage of equipment and formulation of annual inventories by head coaches.
  10. Assist Principal, Activities Coordinator and Athletic Director in scheduling of facilities for turnouts, interscholastic contests and community recreation.
  11. Coordinate care of facilities and submit maintenance requests through the building administration to the appropriate department.
  12. Assist Principal and District Athletic Director in developing and managing an effective athletic program.
  13. Be actively involved in the hiring, evaluation, retention, and development of qualified coaching and advising staff.
  14. Assist in developing and participate in program workshops, clinics, and in-service training where recommended or sponsored by the District Athletic Department.
  15. Promote and coordinate athletic publicity for all sports in the building program.
  16. Coordinate discipline procedures as outlined in Athletic Department Manual.
  17. Maintain records and submit reports as required by Principal and District Athletic Director.
  18. Provide game management for all athletic events.
  19. Develop a class coverage system for in-season coaches for away games in cooperation with the building administration.
  20. Attend and participate in Peninsula School District Athletic Director meetings.
  21. Prepare, submit and monitor work requests for athletic maintenance.
  22. Manage coaches’ concerns and problems within the building.
  23. Make certain coaches are kept aware of and are complying with WIAA, League, and Peninsula School District rules and regulations.


  • Work with Principal and District Athletic Director to coordinate the building program with the district athletic program.
  • Work with building coaching staff
  • Promote communication within the staff by conducting regular in-building coaches meetings.
  • Provide time for day-to-day management of coaches’ needs and concerns.


  • Develop and maintain a master file for athletes prior to participation that verifies:
    o All athletes have met all requirements for Peninsula School District athletic registration.
    o Every athlete/parent has reviewed the Athletic/Activity Codes and has returned a parent signed registration form acknowledging review.
  • Develop and maintain a master file for building coaches (i.e., name, address, phone, assignments, first aid card, and expiration date).
  • Submit and verify “Athletic Eligibility List and Registration Summary” for each sport to Principal before the first contest of each season. Send copy to District Athletic Director.
  • Schedule and conduct a minimum of one coaching staff meeting each sport season.
  • Review job description responsibilities.
  • Review current concerns of Principal and District Athletic Director.
  • Review Coaches’ Manual.
  • Obtain certification by school Registrar of all current eligibility lists for all in-season sports.
  • Obtain completed “Peninsula Schools Athletic Inventory” from each head coach at end of season and kept on file in building Athletic Director’s office.


  • Past experience as a coach/activities supervisor.
  • Knowledge of WIAA coaching standards.
  • Washington State Teaching Credential.

Updated: 04/2011