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Custodian Head

Job Description


To provide a safe, secure and healthy environment for learning and teaching through effective management and performance of all custodial activities.

Building Principal or Administrative Designee/Custodial Supervisor


General Custodial Tasks:

  1. Maintain assigned cleaning route (i.e. sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, scrubbing and refinishing floors; general cleaning, dusting, washing and/or sanitizing or furniture, fixtures, wood work, walls; waste disposal).
  2. Maintain exterior of building (i.e. cleaning walkways, snow and ice removal, general campus litter removal, including emptying of waste barrels).
  3. Respond to building emergencies (i.e. overflowing toilets, broken pipes, broken windows, vomit, power failures, etc.) by taking appropriate action. Remove/cover graffiti as soon as possible.
  4. Set up and take down furniture and equipment for facility use as needed. Assist food service program by setting up and taking down tables.
  5. Receive and distribute deliveries as needed. Distribute school supplies and equipment as needed.
  6. Replace light bulbs and tubes as needed.

Minor Maintenance:

  1. Identify maintenance needs, addressing them in a timely manner by repairing or by submitting a work order, using established procedure, for Maintenance Department repair. Follow up to ensure completion of work requests.
  2. Take initiative to do preventative maintenance and make systems adjustments as needed.
  3. Know building systems – plumbing, electrical, natural gas, HVAC. Monitor and maintain them in conjunction with the Maintenance Department. Specifically know all emergency shutoffs. Troubleshoot system prior to work order submission. Call in emergency needs with specific information.
  4. Maintain custodial equipment (clean, repaired) so that it is usable when needed. Submit repair requests to the custodial office as necessary. Instruct and monitor subordinates in correct equipment operation, cleaning and maintenance.
  5. Assemble, repair, adjust, distribute furniture and install dispensers as needed.


  1. Coordinate with Principal or designee, and/or Custodial Supervisor to discuss and evaluate plans, priorities, work assignments and schedules of custodial team as needed.
  2. Coordinate custodial team responsibilities for community and other non-school uses of facilities. Inform custodial team of user schedules and requirements. Participate in event set-up/teardown as needed.
  3. Regularly inspect work of custodial team; suggest areas and techniques for improvement where needed. Provide input for the evaluation of the custodial team.
  4. Be accountable for the overall cleanliness of the facility on a long term basis.
  5. Oversee and maintain physical safety and security of the facility as directed by the Principal and Custodial Supervisor. Be sure that the building is prepared and open for use. Instruct and supervise custodial team in proper security and alarm procedures and protocols.
  6. Perform all duties in a safe manner; Monitor safety practices of custodial team and correct as required. Make sure all safety materials such as first aid kits and MSDS books are readily available.
  7. Maintain inventory and submit custodial supply orders as scheduled,
  8. Maintain records and submit reports as required. Submit time cards for the custodial team as directed. Report/investigate on-the-job accidents as needed.
  9. Maintain continued awareness of energy conservation and suggest methods and procedures for such; implement energy and resource conservation programs as directed.
  10. Participate in training and continued education in the custodial trade. Share this information with the custodial team. Mentor and train new employees for their success.
  11. Maintain effective communication with the Principal, Custodial Supervisor, general building staff and the custodial team.
  12. Perform other related tasks as assigned by the Principal and/or Custodial Supervisor.



  • High school diploma or equivalent.
  • Perform effective organizational and leadership skills including prioritizing, decision making, scheduling, problem solving, interpersonal relations and leading by example.
  • Work cooperatively with school administrators, staff, students and community in a team environment.
  • Work with minimal supervision while taking direction from principal/designees and custodial supervisor.
  • Possess/maintain physical stamina to work efficiently and safely with cleaning equipment, hand tools, power tools and vehicles as necessary to complete assigned duties.
  • Possess/maintain physical ability to lift 51 pounds unassisted on a regular basis and over 51 pounds with assistance.
  • Possess/maintain ability to climb ladders and perform overhead work such as changing light bulbs and ceiling tile.
  • Demonstrate strong skills in reading, writing and oral communication.
  • Demonstrate mechanical aptitude necessary for trouble-shooting building systems and making minor maintenance repairs such as plumbing, electrical, carpentry and painting.
  • Experience as a custodian in an institution/school/large commercial facility.
  • Proficient in the use of all custodial equipment/tools and all custodial tasks including carpet cleaning and floor refinishing.
  • Perform basic computer operational skills including email and the ability to learn various software applications including on-line work order system and HVAC controls.
  • Required to have/maintain current industrial first aid/CPR card.
  • Required to have/maintain personal cell or home phone service for contact in emergency and other after hours situations.


  • Successful completion of formal training in basic and advanced custodial subjects.
  • Experience in building maintenance.
  • Experience/knowledge of custodial operations in the building applied for.
  • Previous experience as Head Custodian or filling in for building Head Custodian.
  • Familiarity with SchoolDude work order system.
  • Familiarity with public swimming pool operations (High schools only).

Updated: 05/2019