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Custodian Mobile Crew

Job Description


Provide support to designated schools for cleaning projects during the school year, summer cleaning projects in designated schools during summer months.

Reports to District Custodial Coordinator


  1. Strip, clean, buff, and apply floor sealer, and finish to floors; vacuum, shampoo, and spot clean carpets.
  2. Use and maintain assigned power equipment and hand tools such as vacuum, broom, mop, squeegee, dust mops, scrubbers, buffer, burnisher, etc., for the cleaning and general maintenance of floors, walls, carpets, and furniture.
  3. Wash windows, walls, baseboards, lockers and equipment.
  4. Secure district facilities as necessary and report any unauthorized occupants. Unlock facilities for appropriate activities and appropriate district personnel.
  5. Follow instructions regarding the use of chemicals and supplies.
  6. Move furniture, equipment, supplies and tools.
  7. Clean ventilation system grills and screens.
  8. Clean and change ventilation system filters as directed.
  9. Replace bulbs and lenses in emergency and exit lights, tubes in fluorescent fixtures, and bulbs in incandescent fixtures.
  10. Perform minor repairs as appropriate.
  11. Perform minor painting as necessary and appropriate.
  12. Set up facilities for meetings, classrooms, conferences, and events. Assist students, staff and building guests as requested and appropriate.
  13. Monitor and provide minor adjustments to building plumbing systems.
  14. Monitor all heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems for proper operation; notify head custodian or maintenance department if malfunctions are detected.
  15. When assigned as a substitute (any shift): Perform all assigned duties in the designated work section.
  16. Perform related duties as required.


  • High School diploma or equivalent.
  • Experience as a custodian in school or similar building.
  • Demonstrated ability to perform job duties satisfactorily without direct supervision.
  • Demonstrated ability to work harmoniously with colleagues, supervisors, teaching staff, parents and citizens, and students of all ages.
  • No physical limitations which would prevent the applicant from satisfactorily performing job duties, including lifting, climbing ladders, etc., within recognized standards and limits.
  • Satisfactory history of safe, efficient and effective use of custodial products and equipment.
  • No record of conviction for an illegal activity which is considered to be incompatible with the operation of a public school system.
  • Hold a current first aid card or willingness to procure at first opportunity provided by the district.

This position is designed to maximize the preparation of schools during the normal school year and the summer break. The District’s Custodial Coordinator will provide the schedule of duty locations.

Updated: 06/2001