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ECEAP Preschool Instructor

Job Description


This position develops and implements a daily classroom program in accordance with ECEAP Program Standards and the Puget Sound ESD Work Plan for low income children enrolled in the district’s ECEAP preschool program.

Reports to ECEAP Program Coordinator and Center Director. Gives work assignments to classroom assistant.


  1. Organizes and presents a classroom program (including related field trips) following ECEAP Program Standards and Puget Sound ESD ECEAP Work Plan, incorporating ECEAP curriculum goals in all developmental areas, and integrating the ECEAP components of health, nutrition, parent involvement, and social services.
  2. Designs and posts written lesson plans on a weekly basis which reflect age appropriate, child-centered activities which foster social, cognitive, and motor skills development.
  3. Monitors children’s behaviors in the classroom; administers appropriate behavior management strategies; and acts as a role model for appropriate behavior.
  4. Evaluates the educational, physical, and emotional needs of individual children using a variety of means (screening tools, checklists, enrollment information, observations, parent interviews), and plans a program that responds to the children’s individual developmental levels and needs. Directs the writing of individual learning plans.
  5. Maintains program records; documents daily activities and progress for each child per ECEAP Program Standards and Work Plans. Communicates regularly with assistants, program coordinator, principal, other staff, and parents concerning children and program.
  6. Participates in quarterly staffings of children and families, updating Individual Learning Plans, and incorporating the plans into the annual family service plans.
  7. Maintains close contact with families, including at least two home visits per year.
  8. Develops teaching skills and enhances leadership abilities and behavior management skills of assistants and volunteers through supervision and training. Posts directions for how to work with children in all areas of the room.
  9. Creates, duplicates, and laminates materials; operates record and cassette players; demonstrates and supervises carpentry tools. Types correspondence and parent newsletters.
  10. Orders materials for use in classrooms; creates and gathers materials for projects and activities. Maintains records of expenditures; forwards appropriate paperwork to the business office; directs the completion of the annual inventory.
  11. Maintains physical appearance of classroom; picks up toys; labels shelves and materials; washes towels and sponges; puts materials away after use. Works out appropriate procedures to facilitate sharing of space and materials as needed.
  12. Plans for childrens’ transition from ECEAP to kindergarten according to the ECEAP Program Standards.
  13. Develops knowledge and skills in the area of early childhood education through participation in training provided by Puget Sound ESD and Peninsula School District.
  14. Performs related duties as assigned.

Classroom environment with assistant, parent volunteers, ECEAP support staff, and possibly special education support staff. Required to attend to children’s’ personal hygiene, which may include changing child’s clothes or diapers, or helping child develop self-cleaning skills. Required to make home visits.


FLSA: Covered


Education & Experience (Required by ECEAP WAC)

  • At least a four-year degree in the field of early childhood education or child development from an accredited public or private institution of higher education and a minimum of one year of successful experience working in a preschool or kindergarten; or
  • A two-year degree in the field of early childhood education or child development from an accredited public or private institution of higher education with a minimum of two years of successful experience working in a preschool or kindergarten; or
  • A valid Washington State Elementary Teaching Certificate with an endorsement in early childhood education or early childhood special education or a person with a valid Washington State teaching certificate who would meet the qualifications for an endorsement in early childhood education or early childhood special education.
  • A criminal history check with fingerprinting is required.
  • Experience with low income families is desirable.

Allowable Substitution

If the center is unable to find a lead teacher with the above qualifications due to a local labor pool shortage documented by the center, the center may employ a lead teacher with the qualifications listed below, PROVIDED THAT the center establishes a written professional development plan for each such lead teacher that shall be sent to ESD 121 and shall contain the following provisions:

  1. Shall lead to completion of one of the qualifying degrees listed above with three years;
  2. Shall provide for observation of such lead teacher by a person meeting the qualifications listed above for a minimum of one class period a month, with consultation and advice and assistance regarding the observation as needed.

Progress towards completion of the plan shall be reviewed by the center on a regular basis, and shall remain a condition of employment. These interim qualifications are as follows:

  1. A teaching certificate and a minimum of one year of successful experience working with preschool age children; or
  2. A minimum of a two-year degree from an accredited public or private institution of higher education and a minimum of two years successful experience working with preschool age children; or
  3. A child development associate credential.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Knowledge of early childhood development.
  • Knowledge of developmentally appropriate/child centered instructional methods.
  • Proficient in keyboarding.
  • Effective oral communication skills.
  • Ability to deal with children in a warm and confident manner.
  • Ability to remain flexible to changes in assignments or situations.
  • Ability to maintain accurate records.
  • Ability to organize activities and materials.
  • Ability to be fair and consistent when working with children.
  • Ability to plan daily activities.
  • Ability to operate general office machines.
  • Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with staff and parents.
  • Ability to train and supervise assistants and volunteers.

Licenses/Special Requirements

  • Must obtain training in first aid and CPR.
  • Must obtain a Washington State Food Handler’s Permit.

Updated: 11/2005