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Grant/Budget Accounting Specialist

Job Description


This position serves as grant/budget specialist for the Student Services Department. Responsibilities include state and federal grant management, including special education English as a Second Language, and support programs; providing lead direction to departmental staff in establishment and maintenance of accounting records and spreadsheet data bases.

Reports to the Director of Student Services


  1. Manages accounting records for various state and federal grants. Assists in preparing grant budgets and revisions; processes approved grant documents; sets up department purchase order system; receives and verifies orders against grant expenditure parameters; processes purchase orders and prepares invoices for payment in Accounts Payable; maintains running budget balances for each grant; prepares annual grant activity reports; and maintains files.
  2. Prepares and codes grant-related timesheets for Payroll Department processing. Prepares position authorizations and other Personnel action forms; coordinates with Personnel Department.
  3. Manages accounting records for specific programs; processes and submits monthly expenditure claims for reimbursement of district funds; maintains files.
  4. Develops contracts for with outside agencies; processes bills and payments; maintains expenditure reports; develops board agenda items.
  5. Develops procedures for departmental consistency in producing spreadsheets, accounting records, and manipulating data bases. Provides lead direction to departmental bookkeeping staff; provides training and answers technical questions.

Office environment; experiences frequent interruptions; expected to meet inflexible deadlines; requires visual concentration on detail, dexterity, and precision. Extended periods of work on the computer.


FLSA: Covered


Education & Experience:
High school graduation or equivalent with general accounting background and three years of experience in maintaining budgeting and accounting records. Knowledge of school district programs preferred.

Allowable Substitution:
Advanced technical training in accounting/bookkeeping procedures may substitute on a month-for-month basis for up to two years of the required experience.

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:

  • Knowledge of bookkeeping procedures; ability to maintain accurate accounting records.
  • Knowledge of grant accounting and purchasing procedures.
  • Knowledge of state and federal grant procedures.
  • Proficient in keyboarding.
  • Skill in operating a variety of office machines.
  • Effective written and oral communication skills.
  • Ability to prepare detailed reports.
  • Ability to reconcile account balances.
  • Knowledge of data management software programs.
  • Computer skills.
  • Ability to set up and maintain an accurate filing system.
  • Ability to attend to detail and follow tasks through to completion.
  • Ability to organize and set priorities.
  • Ability to work effectively under pressure.
  • Ability to work independently with minimum supervision.
  • Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with parents, staff, and various state agencies.

Licenses/Special Requirements

Updated: 09/2004