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HVAC Foreman

Job Description


This position leads and performs in a variety of mechanical maintenance functions, which encompass all trades and disciplines. The HVAC Foreman maintains District heating, cooling, ventilation, and refrigeration systems to meet Federal and State codes and requirements. Additional responsibilities will include; new equipment installation to replace existing apparatuses, part orders, assigning work and monitoring performance and conduct, directing HVAC personnel and troubleshooting HVACR equipment. The foreman will monitor program and maintain computerized building automation systems, electrical installations, electrical reports, and other mechanical related work as assigned.

Reports to Facilities Director. Provides lead direction of HVAC mechanics.


  1. Supervises work and conduct of all HVAC personnel. Must have ability to lead, direct, motivate, inspire, encourage work in a positive manner and provides input for performance evaluations.
  2. Monitors the performance of District HVACR equipment to ensure it is performing to ventilation codes and energy efficiency standards.
  3. Responds to emergency situations involving HVAC equipment and plumbing, coordinates the shutdown and restarting of HVAC systems, during and after power outages. Troubleshoots electric, electronic and DDC control systems.
  4. Works with DDC systems to manage and monitor building comfort levels and energy consumptions. Makes changes and adjustments as necessary.
  5. Troubleshoots and repairs heating, cooling, refrigeration and ventilation equipment while using best practices to achieve minimal ‘down time’ for equipment.
  6. Ensures HVAC equipment, shop areas and vehicles are maintained properly. Tests HVACR equipment and makes necessary adjustments for efficient operation. Performs preventative maintenance (filter and coil changes, lubrication) on a regular basis.
  7. Orders parts, tools and supplies from various vendors, verifies orders on arrival, prepares estimates/cost sheets for projects and assists with budget planning. Makes recommendations on whether malfunctioning equipment should be repaired or replaced.
  8. Installs new HVAC equipment, mechanical system electrical devices and other electrical components (pumps, motors, contactors and thermostats).
  9. Communicates with building staff regarding the status of repairs and installations. Keeps supervisor aware of unusual, or costly, situations.
  10. Coordinates with subcontractor representatives; ensures they are performing duties as specified by contracts with the District such as installation, replacement, testing and modifications to District Systems. Makes arrangements for warranty service.
  11. Assigns work orders to HVAC and plumbing technicians; provides technical assistance and answers questions; provides input to performance evaluation. Offers information and training to staff concerning the operation and status of HVAC systems.
  12. Responds to District emergencies, including those not related to HVACR. Assists other maintenance and grounds personnel in the completion of their duties.
  13. Maintains accurate records (manual and computerized) on repairs, system modifications trend logs PM records work orders and other records required by policies and regulations.
  14. Investigates new work orders and projects as requested by the Facilities Director.

Required to work at heights or in narrow spaces to service equipment; required to visually concentrate on detail; required to stand for prolonged periods; exposed to high noise levels and hazardous chemicals; periodically required to lift and carry heavy supplies or equipment; occasionally required to wear protective clothing. Willing to work overtime, including weekend overtime. Safety awareness required when working with equipment. Requires travel between work sites.

AFFILIATION: PSE-Maintenance/Grounds

FLSA: Covered


Education and Experience

  • High School Diploma or GED Graduate.
  • Five years, minimum, documented work experience in building maintenance with 3 years documented HVACR maintenance and repair.

Allowable Substitution
Experience as a journey level electrician may substitute for up to two years of the required HVAC experience.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Demonstrates ability to perform as a journeyman level HVACR technician.
  • Ability to use power tools, hand tools test equipment and specialized HVACR tooling; including acetylene brazing torches.
  • Ability to install and repair electrical wiring related to HVACR systems, consistent with current codes and practices.
  • Knowledge of codes and practices related to HVACR performance in a school environment.
  • Knowledge of a wide variety of HVACR equipment, including (but not limited to): Gas burners, heat pumps, low pressure boilers, heat recovery units, exhaust fans, circulation pumps, piping and building controls for the operation of these systems.
  • Knowledge of Automated Building Control Systems.

Licenses/Special Requirements

  • Valid Washington State Drivers License
  • EPA Universal Refrigerant Certification Card, or Universal Technician License
  • Criminal Justice Fingerprint Clearance
  • First Aid/CPR Certificate, District to pay all acquisition and renewal costs

Updated: 08/2014