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Licensed Practical Nurse

Job Description


This position provides care to medically involved students. Responsibilities include following the individual health care plans, providing total physical care for the students, monitoring student health needs, maintaining a sanitary and safe environment, and assisting students in a variety of learning activities. Position works under general supervision of the school nurse, certificated teacher(s), and pediatric therapist(s).

Reports to Principal. Receives lead direction from school nurse, certificated teacher and pediatric therapist.


  1. Rides bus with student(s) or meets student(s) at bus; transports student(s) from bus to classroom; appropriately transfers and positions student(s) to and from wheelchair, mat, prone stander, or changing table always using safe lifting and transferring techniques. Connects required medical equipment and ensures that equipment is in proper working order.
  2. Attends to students’ personal hygiene and health care needs as outlined in the individual health care plan, e.g., feeds children orally or through gastrointestinal tubes, gives medication as authorized, changes diapers, monitors seizure activity provides oxygen, and uses suctioning equipment.
  3. Monitors physical condition of students and communicates changes to the school nurse.
  4. Maintains communication with school nurse, teacher, therapists, bus drivers, and other staff members. Communicates with parents as directed by teacher or school nurse.
  5. Maintains confidentiality.
  6. Maintains classroom records, charts medication given, records student activity and observations of behavior and overall health.
  7. Maintains a clean, sanitary and safe environment for students by using universal precautions and following bloodborne pathogen guidelines.
  8. Follows direction of the teacher and pediatric therapist and participates as a member of the team in assisting students in a variety of learning activities such as providing auditory and physical stimulation.
  9. Follows district policies and procedures.
  10. Performs related duties as assigned.

Confined to work area; may not leave students unattended without coverage from a licensed nurse or another staff member. Required to attend to students’ personal hygiene; required to lift and transfer students; required to bend over tables to provide care. Exposed to communicable diseases. Required to physically restrain students. Exposed to high noise levels from students making vocalizations. Required to work with adaptive equipment.


FLSA: Covered


Education and Experience
High school graduation or equivalent and graduate of accredited practical nurse program. Two years of nursing experience. Experience with special needs individuals desirable.

Allowable Substitution

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities

  • Knowledge of health care and medication.
  • Knowledge of a variety of medical conditions.
  • Skill in providing physical care.
  • Skill in lifting and positioning individuals properly.
  • Skill in assessing health needs.
  • Skill in working with health care equipment such as wheelchairs, feeding tubes, tracheostomy tubes, monitoring equipment, oxygen equipment and suction machines.
  • Skill in assessing emergency situations.
  • Ability to deal with students and their families in a warm and friendly manner.
  • Ability to remain flexible to changes in assignments or situations.
  • Ability to maintain accurate records.
  • Ability to properly lift, transfer and position students.
  • Ability to maintain a safe and sanitary environment.
  • Ability to constantly monitor student health and comfort.
  • Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with staff and parents.

Licenses/Special Requirements

  • Must maintain current license as a practical nurse.
  • Must obtain regular training as required by Washington State for licensed practical nurses.
  • Must maintain first aid/CPR training and have a valid card.

Updated: 10/2005