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Para-Educator - CTE

Job Description


This position assists a certificated teacher or other staff member with instructional and non-instructional activities for students in the classroom. Responsibilities include tutoring students, correcting classroom work, monitoring student behavior, adapting curriculum (under the guidance of the teacher), preparing and assisting with mainstreaming activities and preparing classroom materials. Depending upon individual assignment, duties may also include clerical work such as typing and duplicating materials, supervising students, and providing basic first aid.

Reports to Principal; receives work assignments from classroom or resource room teacher.


  1. Provides instruction to students individually or in small groups in a variety of learning activities assigned by the teacher; promotes student understanding of materials presented. Reinforces and reviews concepts and skills. Adjusts tasks to suit needs of students.
  2. Collects, reviews, grades and records student assignments. Assists students with research for assignments; returns assignments and tests; provides feedback. Assists teacher in maintaining student records.
  3. Types, duplicates, collates and distributes classroom materials and projects. May operate a variety of office equipment (i.e. laminator, copier).
  4. Assists teacher in supporting and monitoring student behavior and collaborates with teacher to implement positive behavior support strategies.
  5. May provide instruction/coaching for students related to students transition/post high school goals.
  6. Tallies scores and converts scores to grades for students.
  7. Administers and scores diagnostic tests; gives oral and written exams to students. Assists in completing special program forms; assembles student materials for confidential files.
  8. Assists CCFE teachers with facilitating mock job interviews.
  9. Utilize technology to maintain various databases and prepare reports and lists.
  10. May assist students in career and technical education such as the woodshop/manufacturing class with a variety of equipment (i.e. table saw, jointer, planer, sander).
  11. May assist teacher/department to order and stock office and classroom supplies.
  12. Maintains student records including attendance; graphs data, compiles grading information, scoring etc. and may prepare student progress information for teachers.
  13. Assists classroom teacher in preparing instructional materials, quizzes, teaching aids and review sheets.
  14. Ensures student’s understanding of material presented.
  15. May be called upon to provide basic first aid care to ill or injured students. Alerts school office staff if further action is needed.
  16. Acts as a role model to demonstrate appropriate behavior to students; assists teacher in maintaining a classroom culture conducive to learning.
  17. Communicates and collaborates with teacher concerning individual student progress or concerns; gather materials/data to assist teacher. Provides input for student progress reports. Assists with data collection and record keeping.
  18. Performs related duties as assigned.

Experiences frequent interruptions; clerical work requires dexterity and precision. Requires ability to multitask while working with multiple students in multiple subjects. Requires flexibility due to frequent shifts in focus between assignments. Exposed to infectious diseases carried by students. May be exposed to various work conditions involving safety hazards such as lab chemicals and small tools and/or machinery.


FLSA: Covered


Education & Experience
High school graduation or equivalent and experience in working with school-aged individuals. Experience in a school setting desirable. Passing scores on the District Skills Test. Must have passing scores on the Para Pro Test or Associates degree and/or Bachelor’s degree.

Allowable Substitution

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities

  • Knowledge of basic subject areas for high school level curriculum, such as English 9-12, writing, reading, sciences, and arithmetic (algebra).
  • Knowledge of general bookkeeping skills.
  • Effective written and oral communication skills.
  • Keyboarding skills.
  • Proficiency in Google Docs, Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, PPT).
  • Skill in multitasking and organizing activities.
  • Ability to use computer and various software programs.
  • Ability to deal with students in a calm, consistent and caring manner.
  • Ability to maintain accurate files and records.
  • Ability to attend to detail and follow tasks through to completion.
  • Ability to maintain confidentiality.
  • Ability to organize tasks and set priorities within established parameters.
  • Ability to remain flexible to changes in assignments or situations.
  • Ability to organize activities.
  • Ability to follow instructions.
  • Ability to be fair and consistent when working with students.
  • Ability to learn the operations of general office machines.
  • Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with staff, students, and parents.

Licenses/Special Requirements

  • Must complete training in first aid and CPR training.
  • Para Pro Test requirement or AA Degree.

Reclass: 10/2017