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Para-Educator – ET&T and CTP

Job Description


This position provides assistance to students in special education programs with vocational/transition focus under the direction of a special education teacher and related therapy providers. Responsibilities include tutoring students in on-the-job training activities, social, community and academic skills. Maintaining program records, data collection and assisting students with personal care needs. Assist instructionally with functional and daily living skills (i.e. budgeting, shopping, household chores, functional reading and writing, safety and transportation)

Reports to Special Education Teacher, Student Services Administration.


  1. Accompanies students to various off-campus work sites; tutors students and provides assistance to students in accomplishing their tasks in various vocational work areas such as custodial, daycare, hospital, laundry, cooking, and stocking shelves. Encourages students to stay on task.
  2. Provides instruction for students in skills needed to live and work in the community, such as using public transportation, communicating with employers and friends, dealing with problem situations and expressing emotions.
  3. Communicate with general education and special education providers to ensure students are provided appropriate access to curriculum and learning settings that support individual student needs.
  4. Accompanies students to restrooms as needed; assists with personal care activities.
  5. Provides assistance to students during mealtimes; tutors students in ordering food at community restaurants; assists students in carrying trays, feeding, and cleanup.
  6. Monitor students with medical needs such as allergies, choking during mealtimes, seizure activity, etc.
  7. Maintains student progress records; graphs data. Analyzes tasks and documents steps.
  8. Provides instruction for students in leisure skills such as swimming, arts, and sports fitness activities.
  9. Arranges or provides transportation of students in district vehicles or shuttle to community settings/worksites.
  10. Support and monitor students in a variety of general education courses (i.e. Art, PE, Resource room, Health, Nutrition, Woodshop, Science, Math, ASL).
  11. Assists teacher in supporting and monitoring student behavior and collaborates with teacher to implement positive behavior support strategies as written in individual support plans.
  12. Communicates with employers concerning special education vocational programs; researches job opportunities for special needs students; visits work sites and matches jobs with students’ capabilities. Recommends job matches to special education teachers; makes arrangements for training as authorized.
  13. Answers the telephone; provides information concerning program; takes messages; refers callers to appropriate staff as necessary.
  14. Provide instruction for students in learning and working with technology.
  15. May ride a bus to care for a special needs student on a route between students home and the school. Ensures that student is comfortable and safe; provides personal care as needed.
  16. May assist/escort students walking to community settings.
  17. May be required to perform health services including, but not limited to, clean intermittent catheterization (CIC); gastrointestinal tube feeding using a pump or gravity; administration of oral medication by mouth, feeding tube, inhaler, or nebulizer; use of a magnet over a vagus nerve stimulator (VNS) to control seizures; oral suctioning using a bulb syringe or suction machine; provision of a cough-assist procedure; administration of emergency medication using an auto-injector; administration of oxygen; and ostomy care.
  18. Maintain and monitor balances on accounts (i.e. Orca Pass, purchase orders).
  19. Receive, count and record medication to be stored/dispensed on site and in community settings.
  20. Provides related duties as assigned.

Experiences frequent interruptions; required to travel between job sites. Requires dexterity and precision; requires standing for prolonged periods when tutoring students at job sites. Requires lifting or carrying students. Requires attending to students’ personal hygiene. Requires ability and training for de-escalation and restraint. Requires working outdoors in inclement weather.

AFFILIATION:      PSE – Clerical

FLSA:                      Covered


Education and Experience
High school graduation or equivalent. Experience in working with special needs individuals.

Allowable Substitutions

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities

  • General knowledge of physical and medical handicapping conditions.
  • Ability to lift and transfer 100+ lb students.
  • Skill in making effective decisions.
  • Skill in oral communication.
  • Ability to analyze tasks and document steps for task completion.
  • Ability to remain flexible to changes in situations or assignments.
  • Ability to establish effective working relationships with community businesses.
  • Ability to use creativity in determining vocational job opportunities for students.
  • Ability to monitor and maintain appropriate student behavior.
  • Ability to provide instruction for students in a variety of skills.
  • Ability to set priorities and organize activities.
  • Ability to maintain accurate records.
  • Ability to work independently with minimal supervision.
  • Ability to provide positive public relations for special education vocational programs.
  • Ability to determine individual student abilities in order to match jobs.
  • Ability to deal with students in a calm, consistent and caring manner.
  • Ability to learn about therapy equipment (i.e. standers, wheelchairs, AAC).
  • Ability to establish and maintain effective relationships with staff.

Licenses/Special Requirements

  • Valid Washington State driver’s license.
  • Type II Driver License.
  • Must obtain training in first aid and CPR as arranged by the district.
  • Right Response training.

Reclass: 11/2018