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Radio Station Manager

Job Description


This position involves the management responsibilities of fully FCC-licensed radio station KGHP, located in Gig Harbor, Washington, with a main studio at Peninsula High School.

KGHP is operated by the Peninsula School District for the primary purpose of providing a fully functional industry-type environment for teaching and practicing the skills of writing, speaking, recording, and broadcasting to the public to include various types of news and information as used in commercial broadcasting and related forms of audience contact as exist in the commercial field. The job skills taught are closely connected with other forms of modern public communication including print material and the spoken word.

At all times students who are registered in classes taught by the Radio Instructor and under his/her supervision shall have complete use and priority of the radio station facilities. During established school radio class periods, the Radio Instructor will be in charge of actual station operation. At all other times the Radio Station Manager will be in charge of all station operations.

In other hours, such as when school is not in formal session, KGHP may be operated under an existing automation system or by approved volunteers who have been cleared for such school activity by the Washington State Patrol. Volunteers may serve in radio station duties at the direction of the Radio Station Manager.

Reports to the Coordinator of Career and Technical Education and the Principal of Peninsula High School.


  1. Background in the operation of small radio stations, including exposure to station operational aspects such as news, music, public information and communication with differing groups, individuals, administrators and peers is highly desirable.
  2. Demonstrated leadership experience and/or potential in the field of radio station programming is a highly important job skill, along with familiarity of standard industry equipment such as recorders, CD players, etc.
  3. Ability to understand and operate computer equipment and programs such as the OMT system currently in use, and knowledge or ability to learn programs such as “Word” preferred.
  4. Familiar with, or be able to learn and carry out the various Federal Communications Commission’s Rules and Regulations for station operation for fully-licensed, fully operational FM radio stations and be responsible for such.
  5. Demonstrated ability to work cooperatively and effectively with members of other departments including but not limited to Administration, Purchasing, Maintenance and Grounds, Computer and Network Maintenance and Control, KGHP technical staff and various outside agencies required.
  6. Generation, execution, processing and filing of all applicable documents set forth by either the Federal Communications Commission and/or Peninsula School District will be a required job skill. The Station Manager will oversee the underwriting program.
  7. Responsible for the security, operation, maintenance, and upkeep of the music library, station office and its equipment, all equipment and material of “Studio A” (The Air Room), and all equipment, materials and supplies of “Studio B”. All equipment in the hall of Room 520 and “Studio “C” will be under the control and the responsibility of the Radio Instructor.
  8. Must be willing to be an active member of the Emergency Calling List which monitors the condition of the KGHP transmitter, and possess an active telephone number with push-button controls which will provide emergency transmitter response 24 hours per day when required.
  9. Required, at all times, to be aware of and support the rules and regulations of the Peninsula School District, particularly as related to student and building safety and security.

Updated: 06/2007