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Swim Instructor

Job Description



  1. Must be 15 years of age.
  2. Have or willing to obtain WSI certification.
  3. Ability to plan, organize and conduct an appropriate course for each assigned class.
  4. Be in good physical condition, which would not prevent one from performing his/her duties. If a medical condition exists OR if you are taking medications, please notify your supervisor.
  5. Effective communication skills.
  6. Must have pleasant yet assertive personality with a strong desire to serve others.
  7. Ability to work independently with a minimum of supervision.
  8. Ability to work as part of a team.
  9. Must have ability to become proficient in the skills that you teach.
  10. Must be dependable and able to get along with other people.
  11. Must demonstrate aptitude and competence for assigned responsibilities.
  12. Full knowledge of pool rules, EAP, and both pool facilities.
  13. Available to work evenings and weekends.
  14. Notify HR when you turn 18. There must be complete fingerprints done at the district office.


  • Participation in required staff meetings/in-services. Must attend at least 4 a year.
  • Remain calm under noisy and confusing conditions.
  • Demonstrate aquatic skills accurately.
  • Plan, organize and direct a safe and progressive swim lessons.
  • Discern unsafe situations and take the initiative to correct the situation.
  • Follow and enforce all pool and diving rules.
  • Follow directives of supervisor in charge.


  • Instructors are responsible for teaching all skills needed to pass the level they are teaching.
  • Teach methods of swimming following program standards and stress water safety.
  • Attendance and report card certificates are the instructors’ responsibility.
  • Work with supervisor during lesson registration.
  • Give 2 week advance notice for sessions that you will not be teaching.
  • Clean up all equipment used during their classes at the end of their class.
  • Adhere to PSD Aquatic policy on scheduling private lessons outside of regular lesson schedule.
  • Discriminate between swimming skill proficiency levels and offer corrective feedback.
  • If a parent approaches you during class and it is more than a quick comment, ask them to speak to you after class or see if the supervisor can answer their questions.
  • Any level changes must be cleared with the supervisor.
  • Must keep all certifications updated and on file at the pool.
  • While teaching a private lesson, you should not talk to anyone except the child and his/her parents. Remove all distractions.
  • Instructors moving from one area of the pool to another need to get out of the pool and walk with their class.
  • Instructors shall demonstrate genuine interest in student’s progress.
  • Attentiveness to students. Learn your student’s names.
  • Enthusiasm while instructing.
  • Maintain a positive, supportive, yet assertive approach to teaching.
  • Provide group practice as well as individual correction.
  • Use a variety of techniques in order to reach all students.
  • Provide well organized lessons that flow from beginning to end.
  • Insure the safety of students through close observation at all times. Do not turn your back on your students.
  • Use appropriate drills and methods for student’s level and age.
  • Be patient, enthusiastic, confident, have a sense of humor, sense of imagination, an authoritative but instructive voice, various swimming skills.

Updated: 01/2010