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Transportation Specialist

Job Description


Responsible for all routing of students within the transportation automatic routing software.  Insures all addresses, bus stops, bus routes, grade levels, schools, and pertinent information is accurate and consistent with student management software.  Responsible for gathering and reporting various data elements on the State Transportation reporting system.

Reports to Transportation Director and Transportation Coordinator


  1. Develops all student routing in transportation software program. Develops and implements regular routing, schedules, assignments and changes within routing software.
  2. Communicates, orally and in writing, the developed routing to parents, drivers and school staff.  Works effectively with these groups to insure routing is efficient and within District, State and Federal policies and procedures.
  3. Works effectively with Tyler Software and district IT support staff to work out problems between routing system and student management system.
  4. Assists in developing and implementing special routing for identified students, schedules, assignments and changes.
  5. Reads and interprets maps to provide directions, information and documentation for drivers, district staff, parents and the public.
  6. Communicates orally and in writing with drivers concerning various matters, including routes, trips, special requirements, road conditions, maps, parking, etc.
  7. Will need to maintain proficiency and assume the duties of dispatcher when needed.
  8. Operates base radio and telephone communications for Transportation Department and the public to provide information, directions and/or clarification as needed to meet department operations.
  9. Accepts and responds to bus trouble calls; notifies mechanics of problems and arranges for replacement buses and drivers as necessary to meet operational needs.
  10. Communicates orally and in writing with building staff and community members concerning various matters including routes, trips, stops, changes, early releases, late arrivals, delays, etc.
  11. Assists the Transportation Director and Transportation Coordinator with various operational functions including parent-student communications regarding student discipline and route issues, state ridership reporting, etc.
  12. Composes and/or prepares various documents and reports including bus stop locations, field trip information, substitute driver route lists and maps, substitute workloads, absence and substitute records, early dismissal schedules, school route maps, correspondence, fliers, etc.
  13. Assists with emergency evacuation drills and other bus safety programs.
  14. Drives routes when necessary to meet operational needs.
  15. Assists Transportation Director and Transportation Coordinator with daily operations.
  16. Assists others in the department as time permits.
  17. Other duties as assigned.


FLSA:  Covered


  • Minimum age of 21.
  • High School diploma or GED/equivalent,
  • Minimum of three (3) years successful driving experience as a school bus driver,
  • Extensive knowledge and experience working with Versatrans automatic routing program and PowerSchool student management system,
  • Experience with word processing, database, spreadsheet, email, and calendar software,
  • Working knowledge of two-way radio equipment, operation, and dispatching devices,

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Ability to work in an atmosphere where interruptions occur frequently and priorities are subject to change.
  • Ability to schedule and coordinate routes and activities.
  • Ability to meet the physical and mental standards necessary to perform the duties, tasks and responsibilities of a school bus driver.
  • Ability to operate standard office equipment.
  • Effective oral and written communication skills.
  • Ability to perform basic mathematical calculations.
  • Ability to read and interpret road and street maps.
  • Ability to interpret rules, laws and bargaining agreements.
  • Ability to make sound, appropriate decisions.
  • Ability to maintain strict confidentiality.
  • Ability to handle distraught and difficult people effectively.
  • Ability to operate a computer and various software.
  • Ability to work effectively under pressure.
  • Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with staff, parents and the general public.

Licenses/Special Requirements

  • Possess or be willing and eligible to obtain a valid Washington State driver’s license with Commercial Driver’s License Class B.
  • Possess or be willing and eligible to obtain a valid Washington State School Bus Driver’s Certificate.
  • Possess a current first aid card.
  • Possess or be willing to obtain a School Bus Driver Instructor Endorsement.
  • Possess or be willing to complete the CWU Transportation Supervisor’s Program

Updated: 06/2017