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Elementary STEM Adoption

Adoption Process

The Elementary STEM Adoption Committee has been tasked with reviewing and coming to consensus on a comprehensive curriculum that could be implemented by classroom teachers in grades kindergarten through fifth grade. Once consensus is reached by the committee, there will be a public review of the adoption committee's recommendation, the recommendation will be brought to the Instructional Advisory Committee (IAC), and then the Peninsula School District will take action on the recommendation.

Elementary STEM Adoption Committee Members

Recommended Curriculum & Community Preview

The Elementary STEM Adoption Committee reached consensus to recommend STEMscopes as the adopted K-5 STEM curriculum. 

Our community preview session is now closed. Please contact Ashley Ortenzo ( with any questions regarding the pilot process or the STEMscopes recommendation. 

Click here to view the STEMscopes Coherence Overview Video.

STEMscopes Curriculum Design

Click on the picture above to learn more about the STEMscopes pedagogical and curriculum design. 

STEMscopes Elementary Curriculum Overview

Click on the picture above to access the STEMscopes Review Guide that details the storyline for each grade level and  corresponding topics covered within that storyline. 

Using STEMscopes NGSS 3D Storylines & Pacing
This is an overview of the topics covered in each grade level. 

STEMscopes Preview Video

Adoption Timeline & Meeting Summaries