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Gig Harbor/Key Peninsula COVID-19 Wifi Options

We know that for many families in our community, reliable access to the internet is a challenge. During COVID-19, everyone needs access to services like public health guidance, tele-health services, signing up for benefits, digital learning, filing taxes and other necessary services. We are providing the following resources as a way to do that safely during this time. The resources below can assist anyone in the Gig Harbor or Key Peninsula community with finding internet access options that might help them.

Gig Harbor/Key Peninsula COVID-19 Wifi MAP

We have installed wifi hotspots on all of our campuses that are open to the public to access our internet if you need that access. If you would like to use any of our public wifi hotspots, we would encourage you to follow all social distancing guidelines to safely protect yourself and others while visiting these locations. We have also started collecting and will update any sites we find in the community that have also opened up their wifi for the public to use. You can access the map at the following link:

Gig Harbor/Key Peninsula COVID-19 Wifi Options

We are also asking for the help of the community, if you know of a business or organization that has opened up their wifi for the community to use, please let us know by filling out this form and we will add them to the map.

Internet Service Provider Support

Most internet service providers have free or low-cost plans and assistance available during this time. We have included information on most of them below as well as how to access their offerings.


Sprint upgraded metered customers to unlimited data, provided customers with additional 20GB of mobile hotspot, offering complimentary rates from US to CDC-defined Level 3 countries to customers with international long-distance plans and activation fees waived. All stores in Pierce County are closed, all transactions must be done on the Spring website or via phone 888-211-4727.


T-Mobile upgraded data plans to unlimited data plans (excluding roaming), provided customers with additional 20GB of mobile hotspot/tethering service. Visit the T-Mobile website for more information.


Unlimited users get an extra 15GB of high-speed hotspot data and those on metered plans and extra 15GB of highs-peed data, waived activation, overage and late fees, unlimited domestic calling to those who have capped monthly phone minutes, free international calling to CDC level-3 countries. Visit the Verizon website for more information.


Offering 'Internet Essentials' package free for low-income customers for 60 days. Receive a free self-install kit that includes a cable modem and WIFI router. No term contract. Visit the Comcast website to sign up or call 1-855-846-8376 (English) or 1-855-765-6995 (Spanish).


Opened public hotspots to the public for free. WIFI hotspots in out-of-home locations are available for free to anyone who needs them, including non-Xfinity customers. Find public hotspot locations. Learn more on the Xfinity website and find exact hotspot locations.


Offers a low-cost internet option for qualifying low-income customers. Learn more about the program, including qualifications on the CenturyLink website.

Wave Broadband

Wave Broadband will offer free internet and WiFi for 60 days to all qualifying low-income households, especially students in low income households who do not already subscribe to their internet service and who enroll in the Internet First program. More information on Internet First is available at

Student Device and Hotspot Needs

We have already deployed devices and hotspots to all student who need them, if you still need a device or hotspot, please contact your building principal and they will assist.