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Health Services

Contact THE School Nurse When:

  • Your student has a chronic or life threatening health condition that requires accommodations at school
  • Your student requires medications, tube feedings or other medical procedures during the school day
  • Your student has had a concussion
  • You have questions about your student’s immunizations or concerns about communicable illnesses.
  • You have concerns about your student’s vision or hearing
  • Your student’s school attendance is changing
  • Your student’s health information or medications has changed
  • You want information about health services in your community


  • You want to know if your student has been in the health room today
  • You want to request that your student’s prescribed “as needed” medication be given today
  • You have helpful information about your student’s recent illness or injury that may prompt a health room visit today
  • You have questions about your middle school student's sports physical