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Part Day Preschool

The Peninsula School District provides Part Day Preschool Programs at Artondale, Harbor Heights, Purdy and Vaughn Elementary Schools. These preschool programs are taught by Washington State Certificated Early Childhood Special Education Teachers who are assisted in the classroom by a paraprofessional. Children who qualify for special education are placed in these classroom programs through an evaluation and eligibility process, have an Individualized Education Program developed for them and may receive additional support from a speech and language pathologist and/or occupational therapist or other specialist.

These programs are provided at no cost to families of special education eligible children and meet 4 days each week, Monday through Thursday. Children attend half-day sessions in the morning or afternoon. The Peninsula School District Part Day Preschool Programs provide an opportunity for children with special needs to learn and develop along side their peers.

Our classrooms offer children a variety of child and teacher directed multi-sensory play activities appropriate for their age and developmental level. Teachers serve as facilitators to guide the development of each child’s cognitive, language, social/emotional, self care and motor development in a language based program.

Lisa Reaugh
Director, Special Education

(253) 530-1082

For additional information or to refer your child for developmental preschool programs, please call (253) 530-1091.