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Class of 2021 Title and Cap with High School Graduation Event Updates Text Graphic

An updated decision was shared on Thursday, May 14 with changes to dates and venues. Click here to read.

Families of graduating seniors in the Peninsula School District can look forward to spring knowing school staff are planning graduation events and activities to honor the Class of 2021. 

The district’s two comprehensive high schools, Gig Harbor High School (GHHS) and Peninsula High School (PHS), have scheduled senior class graduation ceremonies at the Tacoma Dome on Saturday, June 19, 2021. The PHS ceremony will begin at 10 a.m., and the GHHS ceremony will begin at 1 p.m. 

Event details such as building capacity, student and dignitary seating arrangements, diploma and program distribution, parents/guests seating, speeches, musical performances, and live streaming capabilities are still being finalized.

“We will continue to follow the governor’s phased guidelines as we plan all of the details necessary to hold these events safely,” Superintendent Art Jarvis said. “We are keenly aware of the possibility our plans may have to shift due to the ongoing pandemic. Please do your part to help limit the transmission of COVID-19 so we can continue with time-honored traditions like our high school graduations.”

Plans are also underway to host GHHS and PHS graduate car parades, similar to the parades that took place last year at the Tacoma Narrows Airport. Graduate car parades are planned in addition to the Tacoma Dome graduation as separate events to celebrate graduates. Dates, times, and locations for car parades are currently being discussed.

In the event that health guidelines prohibit public gatherings in large venues in June, there is a possibility the car parades would replace the graduation ceremonies at the Tacoma Dome. We remain hopeful that both events will be possible. 

The Peninsula School District is also planning graduation ceremonies for the 2021 graduates of Henderson Bay High School, Peninsula Internet Academy, and the Community Transition Program, although not at the Tacoma Dome. Dates and times for these events will be shared soon.

Class of 2021 families - please watch for communication from your child’s school for updates about the Class of 2021 graduation ceremonies and activities. Congratulations, Class of 2021!