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Dear PSD Staff and Families,

Yesterday afternoon we released a statement to share our excitement that the Tacoma-Pierce Health Department (TPCHD) had been approved for funding a program that would potentially allow the Peninsula School District to continue our in-person schooling for Kindergarten and 1st grade children and some select small groups of non-K-1 students, including those in special education programs. I wanted to quickly inform parents and staff that it would not be necessary to cease in-person attendance and return to remote learning on Monday, Nov. 2.

Obviously our statement caught the TPCHD off guard at the very time our intent was to express our deepest appreciation to our health department for opening the door to this possibility.  We are aware that we are at the first step of the process and we shared our intent to form a planning group to help prepare our application. We intended to determine the best manner to achieve the maximum health and safety plan while operating in-person for our youngest learners. 

We believe it's safe to continue to offer our dual in-person/remote platform for our Kindergarten and 1st grade students and some select small groups of non-K-1 students, including those in special education programs, while we are exploring the rapid testing pilot. The COVID-19 activity levels have been in the Moderate range in our school district community since in-person learning began Sept. 28, unlike other areas of Pierce County that are in the High range.  

We obviously had a misunderstanding about the communication sequence. That was our clear error. My deep apologies go to Dr. Chen along with our thanks for his efforts on our behalf. I look forward to our continued partnership with TPCHD.

TPCHD has asked us to attend a meeting tomorrow, Oct. 30 to discuss the process and we are prepared to do so. As soon as we have more information about the program I will share it with you.


Dr. Art Jarvis

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