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Be a great fan! Model sportsmanship for our student athletes

The fall school sports season is officially in full swing here at Peninsula School District, and we're thrilled to announce that Fishbowl is just around the corner on Friday, Sept. 15! 🏈🙌

But that's not all! Our incredible student-athletes came together for a remarkable Sportsmanship Summit on Wednesday, Sept. 6. 🤝 We had the privilege of hearing from two inspirational speakers - Rob Miller from Proactive Coaching and Mick Hoffman, Executive Director of WIAA. They shared their wisdom and insights on culture and sportsmanship as a district. 

Our students are on a mission to create a legacy of respect and sportsmanship this year, and they're counting on the support of their amazing fans! ❤️ At PSD, we're dedicated to upholding the core values of the WIAA, which include:

✨ Ensuring the respect and dignity for all individuals and communities.
✨ Providing a safe environment where participants pursue positive relationships and healthy activities.
✨ Strengthening character, building confidence, and maximizing potential through sportsmanship, leadership, and service.

Together, we can make this school sports season unforgettable for our students! Let's cheer them on, show respect for our opponents, and be the best sports fans we can be! 🎉👏 


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