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Dear PSD Families,

On January 7, 2022 the Washington State Department of Health (DOH) released updated K-12 School COVID-19 Guidance. The DOH guidance was updated, in part, to reflect recent changes in CDC guidance with the most substantial changes occurring in the areas of isolation, quarantine, and Test to Stay. 

Please see the following updated document linked below that reflects these changes:

Given that the guidance was released last Friday, it will be applied retroactively to Monday, January 10, for any impacted students and staff.

Each school’s COVID-19 Site Safety Plan will be updated to reflect the new guidance. We will post these on each school’s website as soon as possible. We will also continue to update our COVID-19 health and safety protocols and guidelines on our website.

As we enter this new phase of the pandemic and start using the updated DOH guidance regarding isolation and quarantine, we want to reinforce the importance of COVID-19 protocols that have resulted in our schools being safe learning environments for students and staff. Let’s continue to work together to prevent the spread of this virus. 

Please continue to:

  • Keep children home when they are sick;
  • Make sure your children wear an appropriate face covering to school;
  • Encourage your children to follow good hygiene practices and wash hands frequently; and
  • Remind your children to practice physical distancing while at school.

Thank you for supporting our staff, students, and each other. By remaining vigilant and working together, we can meet our goal to  keep our schools open for in-person learning.

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