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Join the Key Pen Park Solstice Gnome Hunt on June 22nd!

Are you ready for a whimsical adventure in the great outdoors? Key Peninsula Middle School students were hard at work creating ceramic gnomes that will soon be scattered throughout Gateway Park, 360 Trails, Volunteer Park, and Home Park. Get ready for the Key Pen Parks’ Solstice Gnome Hunt on June 22nd!

This exciting event brings together our community for a fun-filled scavenger hunt. Families and nature enthusiasts of all ages are invited to explore the beautiful Key Pen Parks and uncover these adorable ceramic gnomes. The best part? If you find a gnome, you get to bring it home as your new friend! Please limit one gnome per family. 

The gnomes have been carefully hidden across Key Pen Parks' property, strategically placed along trails. So, put on your walking shoes, gather your loved ones, and embark on a quest to discover these delightful fae.

Not only does the Solstice Gnome Hunt add an element of thrill and joy to our outdoor spaces, but it also showcases the creativity of our talented middle school students. Their handcrafted ceramic gnomes are sure to bring smiles to the faces of everyone who encounters them.

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