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Pierce County COVID-19 Case Rates and PSD Graphic

Dear PSD Staff and Families,

We want to let you know that we are aware of the recent upward trend of Pierce County's COVID-19 case rates. Metrics will continue to guide us in our decisions for moving between our PSD Dial of Stages. Barring a resurgence of cases such as seen in July, when the health department made mandatory decisions for all to begin the school year with remote learning, the metrics will help us as we move forward in our reopening decision making. The health and safety of our staff and students is paramount in these decisions about returning to in-person learning.

If the COVID-19 case count metrics move above of the Moderate category (25-75 cases per 100,000 population), as defined by the Department of Health's Decision Tree for the Provision of In-Person Learning, it could well cause our district to pause in our next steps.

We are in contact with the Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department several times per week.

Official Safe Start metrics may be found on the TPCHD website dashboard, which is updated daily with new content. TPCHD also has a web page for COVID-19 Information for Schools and Childcare, which is updated daily and includes metrics for schools.

Please continue to wear a mask, keep socially distant from others, and wash your hands frequently.

Thank you!

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