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A child's drawing of a siberian husky using a dog wheelchair.

Many furry friends are getting help finding their forever families thanks to the artistic marketing created by second and third grade students at Pioneer Elementary School. 

Second and third graders at Pioneer are focusing on community heroes this year as a part of their project-based learning. Art Specialist Erin Dumas wanted to inspire her students to use art as a way to be community heroes. The students researched local animal welfare organizations and decided to help support the animals at Wet Noses Foster Paws.

“Kids are so motivated by helping animals,” Dumas said. “So we connected with Wet Noses and they were thrilled to have the kids involved.” 

The students selected five dogs that were looking for homes and drew their portraits. The students took the dogs’ portraits they drew, recorded a short biography for each dog, and then created a video about each dog for Wet Noses Foster Paws to share on their website and social media. The dogs include: 

  • Ace, a male, two-year-old Airedale Terrier and Catahoula Leopard Dog mix;
  • Aloo, a male, five-year-old German Shepard mixed breed;
  • Riley, a male, four-year-old Cattle Dog, Australian Heeler mixed breed; 
  • Kaley, a female, one-year-old Siberian Husky that uses a wheelchair for mobility; and
  • Jane, a female, three-year-old Labrador Retriever and Shepherd mix. 

Dumas said her favorite thing about the project is each student’s different drawing style and interpretation of the dogs’ portraits. 

“This was a two week project to finish the drawings and edit the videos,” Dumas said. 

The students' work can be seen on the Wet Noses Fosters Paws Facebook page. Anyone interested in adopting one of the dogs should contact Wet Noses Foster Paws for more information.

Watch a playlist of the student's videos below!


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