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Dear Peninsula School District Staff and Families,

Here are some important updates for this week. 

Superintendent Bahr is Asking for Your Feedback
To provide structure to support her transition as the new superintendent of Peninsula School District, Superintendent Bahr created an entry plan. She is currently in the second phase of her plan, which includes a listening tour. Read the entire entry plan here. 

The listening tour provides opportunities for parents, community members, students, staff, and other interested parties to share their ideas and perspectives about the Peninsula School District.

Superintendent Bahr is seeking feedback on the following three questions:

  1. What should I know about Peninsula schools and its community?

  2. What is going well and should be continued?

  3. What are challenges and areas for growth?

To provide feedback, please click here to complete a questionnaire.

Inclement Weather
As the fall and winter storm season is upon us, here is a reminder of Peninsula School District's procedures and expectations during inclement weather and school closures. 

Delay or Closure Decisions:

  • Any decision to modify the school day is done to support the safety of our staff, students, and families.

  • Various weather information sources are reviewed before a decision is made. The district’s Transportation Department and neighboring school districts are also consulted.

  • To help staff and families plan, the district will make every effort to make a decision about a schedule change to a school day before 8:00 pm the day prior. In some situations, this may not be possible.

  • The district may choose to operate on a normal schedule, start late, or close entirely.

A Late Start Allows Us:

  • Time to monitor and adjust decisions to changing weather and road conditions;

  • Time for the sun to rise so staff, students, and families can walk or drive during daylight hours;

  • Additional time for PSD staff to arrive to work; and

  • Time for the Transportation Department to further critique snow routes and make necessary adjustments or modifications.

How We Will Communicate a Decision Regarding Delays and/or Closures:

  • ParentSquare notifies all staff and parents of a decision by phone, text, and/or email. In most instances, the message will override the digest setting so messages arrive immediately. 

  • PSD website:

  • Local TV (KOMO, KING, KIRO, KCPQ) and radio stations.

  • Any updates will be broadcast immediately via the communications methods listed above.

The Peninsula School District has a large geographical size and weather conditions may vary significantly from area to area. This may warrant a closure or late start for the entire district due to conditions impacting only limited areas. Thank you for your understanding.

PSD COVID-19 Response Updates
We recently started the “Let’s Get Checked” program with the Department of Health. If your child is a close contact in the community or develops symptoms at home, you can arrange to pick up a COVID-19 test at your students neighborhood school or at the Educational Service Center. Contact your school’s office or the district office at 253-530-1000 to request a kit.  

The Department of Health released updated COVID-19 guidance for schools on October 27. We subsequently updated our COVID-19 protocols and practices to include:

  • Shortened quarantine duration for close contacts not participating in Test to Stay or a close contact in the community to 7 days with a test between days 5-7 or a 10 day quarantine without testing.  

  • Clarified that masks are not required at recess/outdoors.

  • Clarified that close contacts exclude students who are at least three feet away from a COVID-positive student in structured settings, with assigned seating, and wearing face coverings - this includes school buses.  

Video: Conversation With Superintendent Bahr and Local Physicians 
On November 15, 2021, Superintendent Bahr hosted a conversation with local physicians to answer submitted questions regarding COVID-19 vaccines. The participating physicians included Dr. Jamie Collings from St. Anthony Hospital and Dr. Nathan Schlicher from St. Joseph Medical Center. View the video here. 

Internet Safety/Securly 
We remind families to take an active role in monitoring your child’s online activity, including social media, and regularly talk about internet safety with your family. 

Our district uses Securly to keep children safe on their school-issued devices. Securly is the district's content filter for all technology devices owned by PSD or personal devices that utilize our internet connections to keep our students safe from inappropriate content. Securly provides:

  • An internet filter;

  • Student online activity monitoring for bullying and self-harm;

  • Teacher device monitoring; and

  • A parent portal for filtering at home.

Both the Securly parent portal and the Securly Home mobile app allow families to review an activity feed of all sites visited by your child. See for more information about the program and a mobile app.

Thank you,
PSD Leadership

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