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Moving Forward Together 2020-21 School Reopening Update

Dear PSD Families,

We know that current circumstances in the coronavirus pandemic have been very difficult for you and your children. Since mid-March, our students have been isolated from their teachers, classmates, and school communities. We, like most of you, are eager to get back to traditional in-person school. As you are aware, the status of the pandemic only allows for remote learning at this time. Although we have spent this spring and summer working to develop a remote learning plan, we’ve also been working on how we will bring students back into our schools as soon as we can.

Today we are sharing the Reopening Peninsula Schools Guidebook so you can see how we are planning for learning this coming school year. 

Reopening Peninsula Schools Guidebook
The plan is grounded in guidance from OSPI (Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction), feedback from stakeholders, and requirements from the state of Washington and Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department. Updated recommendations may occur before Thursday, August 13, when the plan goes before the Peninsula School District Board of Directors. Changes may occur because of additional information from OSPI, Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department, and information we learn from our focus groups of students, staff, and families this week.

Please take time to read through the first public draft of the Reopening Peninsula Schools Guidebook and Remote Learning 2.0 (for stages 1-5). The Guidebook will answer key questions, but we understand that it may not answer everything you wonder about as we start school remotely this fall. If you have additional questions, please call 253.530.1000 or email  

Remote Learning Readiness Checklist
Please consider these tips to best prepare you and your child for remote learning:

-Get familiar with each of the digital tools your child will use while learning from home.

-Review your school’s expectations for engagement, assignments and appropriate behavior on internet-enabled devices.

-Set up a space for your child to use that considers their unique learning needs.

-Create a routine and daily schedule that aligns with the schedule for your child’s school and will support your child’s success while learning from home.

-Make a list of activities that you and your child can use in addition to their classwork that may enhance learning.

-If your child needs access to the internet, please contact your child’s school.

School Starts September 8
Although we will be connecting, teaching and learning via computer, we are still welcoming everyone back to school this fall! We hope to have as much of a normal start to the school year as possible with familiar events like orientations and ‘Meet the Teacher nights,’ even though they will be done differently. 

Below are some things to know as we gear up to start the 2020-21 school year:

Welcome Back Activities for Students and Families:
Watch for an email from your school inviting you and your student to the annual open house/orientation event via Zoom. This is an opportunity to meet teachers and staff and help students and families acclimate to remote learning. School leaders will talk about the year ahead and answer questions.

When people are in the school building, students, staff and visitors with any signs of illness must stay home. Students and staff will use frequent hand washing with soap and water or use alcohol based hand sanitizer while at school, wear a cloth face covering and minimize close contact (less than six feet) with other people.

Students with life saving medications, such as inhalers and epi-pens, and individualized health care plans must have their medication order forms and health care plans submitted to your school nurse before the first day of school. Student athletes must also have a current and completed sports physical on file at the school. Talk with your school health team for any questions. The link to the medication order forms is on the Health Services webpage and scroll down to Medications at School tab.

All students must have current and completed immunizations prior to the first day of school of the 2020-21 school year which is 9/8/20. The records must be medically verified and complete.  Talk with your building health team for any questions or assistance with immunization resources.  Follow the link below to the Health Services webpage and scroll down to the Immunization tab to view the most current documents required.

School Lunch:
We are working on our plans for lunch distribution and schools will be sharing the information soon. School meals and pricing will take effect on the first day of school, September 8, 2020.  We are now accepting and are encouraging families to submit applications for Free and Reduced Priced Meals for the 2020-2021 school year.  Please refer to the Nutrition Information webpage for the application.

Thank you and we hope you enjoy the remainder of your summer. We look forward to partnering with you again this school year.


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