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Special Delivery: School supplies delivered to PSD schools

The back-to-school season is upon us, and this year brings with it a heartening development for students in the PSD school district. School supplies for PSD students are being delivered this week to our schools, marking a significant stride towards fostering inclusive and equitable learning environments. From Kindergarten to 12th grade, every student will be provided with the necessary tools to embark on their educational journey. 📝 ✏️ 🖍️

Recognizing the financial burdens that school supplies can place on families, PSD has taken a step to level the playing field. With the aim of creating a classroom experience where every student can fully engage in their studies without worrying about access to essential supplies, this initiative reflects the district's commitment to ensuring that learning opportunities are accessible to all.

Each student will receive a curated kit of supplies, tailored to their grade level's needs. Whether it's notebooks for jotting down ideas, pencils for mathematical equations, or art supplies to spark creativity, these kits have been designed to encompass the entire spectrum of learning activities. The distribution of these kits will take place during either a school's open house or on the very first day of classes, Tuesday, Sept. 5.

To find out exactly what will be included in your student's supply kit, we encourage you to visit the PSD School Supplies page on our website.



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