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Superintendent's Entry Plan - Krestin Bahr (2021-2022) with Plan Cover Image Showing Student Photos, Logo, Title

Superintendent Krestin Bahr officially started as Peninsula School District's new superintendent on July 1, 2021.

Superintendent Bahr has developed an entry plan to provide structure and support the transition in listening to students, staff, families and the greater Gig Harbor and Key Peninsula communities. The introduction letter from the plan is provided below and we invite you to click here to view the full plan in web-based text or digital print layout format.

Dear Peninsula School District Community,

I am honored to have the privilege of serving as superintendent of the Peninsula School District. In this role I will be responsible for fulfilling the mission of our district and schools and improving learning for all children. This role provides essential leadership to obtain and develop quality staff, secure and manage funds and facilities, and encourage and maintain communication and trust between schools and the public.

The purpose of this entry plan is to provide a structure to support my transition as your superintendent as I listen to students, staff, families, and the greater Gig Harbor and Key Peninsula communities to:

  • Build public trust and strengthen engagement in our schools;
  • Update the needs, objectives, and work priorities of the Peninsula School District as outlined in the Peninsula Promise; and
  • Identify the district’s strengths, improvement opportunities, and challenges.

I look forward to this opportunity to listen, learn, and partner with you. Together we can increase educational opportunities for all Peninsula School District students to succeed in school and beyond.


Krestin Bahr

  • PSD