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Enrollment For New Students


To enroll your child in any grade, please visit your neighborhood school during regular school hours after completing the online enrollment process.

Not sure about what school your student should attend? 

Click here to view catchment area maps, or call the Transportation Department at (253) 530-3900. If you wish to attend a school, other than your home school, click here to view the Transfer Request process.

Begin Enrollment - REQUIRED FORMS

To start enrollment, please complete the online registration. Your school may have additional forms for you to complete. When registering, please be sure to bring the documentation listed below for your child:

  • Birth Certificate (copies accepted)
  • Immunization Records (CIS form that looks like the one below)
  • Completed Certificate of Immunization Status  
  • Proof of Address (We will only accept a utility bill. No lease agreements will be accepted.)
  • You'll need an email account to register. If you don't have an email account, go HERE to create an email account.

NOTE: Printing these forms does not complete the registration/enrollment process. Please contact your school office for further information.


In order to register your child for 1st grade, they must be 6 years old by August 31st of the new school year or have completed an accredited Washington State Kindergarten program in another school/district.
For more information, please call Roxann Tallman (253) 530-1007.  


Do you have a child who will be 5 years old on or before August 31st?
If yes, then you can begin enrolling them online.

The Peninsula School District offers FREE full-day Kindergarten, 5 days a week at all elementary schools!  Registering your child early offers the best opportunity to receive communication about summertime school events and to receive Kindergarten specific information. You can register your kindergartner(s) online.


All other grade placement will be determined by the student's academic level at transfer and assigned by the building principal.

Please keep in mind; our elementary offices are open for registration before June 30th or after August 18th.

Please contact the school prior to stopping by to ensure the office will be available to assist you. Most middle and high school offices are open during the summer. Please contact the school directly prior to stopping by to ensure someone will be available to assist you during the summer hours. Here is a list of  district phone numbers.


Instructions for Online Enrollment

Please follow the steps below to create an account and register your student(s).  If you don’t have access to a computer at home you may visit your child’s school and register at the kiosk in the school office. If you are unsure which school will be going to, click here to view area maps, or call the Transportation Department at (253) 530-3900.

Before you begin you will need the following:

  • proof of residency (utility bill preferred)
  • birth certificate
  • completed and signed CIS Immunization form

CIS Form Preview

To Create a New Parent Account go to  and click Online Registration Form *Make sure you select the form for the correct year.* 

  1. Click the Create Account button 
  2. Complete all of the required fields (* indicates required)
  3. Place a check in the box indicating that you agree with the terms and conditions
  4. Click Create Account


You will receive an email stating that you have successfully created an account.



Register your student(s) – This process allows you to complete the registration forms and upload the necessary documents to register your student.  If you don’t have time to complete the registration process you can save and return later to complete.  If you don’t have the ability to upload the necessary documents you can bring them to the school.


  1. Log into the account you created
  2. Click New Student Registration for the year your student will be attending
  3. Read carefully and complete all required questions (marked with a *)
  4. Click next to move to the next page
  5. It is important to enter all data accurately and in the format requested.
  6. When you get to the Documents page you may either upload the necessary documents or state yes you understand you must turn them in at your child’s school
  7. You will not be able to submit your form until all required fields have been completed
  8. Once you submit you will not be able to go back in and change what you entered. You will need to contact the school for any changes.
  9. You will receive an email confirmation that your form has been submitted.
  10. If you have not uploaded you student’s documents please bring them to their school between the hours of 9:30 and 3:00.

When to start the enrollment process?

You must start the enrollment process during the school year that your student intends to attend. If you are looking to enroll for the next school year, the link for the upcoming year usually becomes available a month before summer break. If you know that you will be moving into the  School District mid-way through the school year, please reach out to the school that your student will be attending for assistance.

Can I complete the Online Registration if I do not upload enrollment documents?

Yes, the online registration may be submitted without uploading the enrollment documents. Please note that these documents must be turned into your student's school before your student is able to create a course schedule.