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Public Review -  School Board Director Boundaries Redistricting
November 15 - 21, 2021

BACKGROUND INFORMATION:  The US Census was completed in 2020.  In accordance with RCW 29A.76.010, the school district must redistrict its governmental unit, based on population information from the most recent census.  The goal is to maintain population-balanced director areas. The district engaged a professional demography/geomapping company to analyze the census data and produce recommended director area boundary changes.  The US Census Bureau released the data on August 12, 2021.

The board is hereby submitting the proposed redistricting plan for public comment on the public website from November 15, 2021 through November 21, 2021.  A public comment form is available by clicking this link.

SUPPORTING INFORMATION:  08/25/21 Revised maps and population summaries as well as 07/07/2011 maps and population summaries for reference.

Click this link for the Proposed 2021 Boundary Maps and Counts
Click this link for the adopted 2011 Boundary Maps and Counts

Chuck West

Director District 1

Click here for the District 1 map

Oath of Office: December 2019
Schools: Key Peninsula Middle School, Evergreen Elementary, Vaughn Elementary
Committees: Finance and Audit Advisory Committee, CTE Advisory, Trades Council, Capital Projects Advisory Committee

Why I Serve: I serve because I want all students represented to include those that are not going off to college.  It seems for too long that we have tried to push every student into college, and it didn't work.  I know the pressure on my boys to attend college wasn't productive for them.  Don't get me wrong, we need doctors, scientists, and teachers, but it's not for everyone. We also need electricians, plumbers, mechanics, and entrepreneurs in all forms. You can be very successful without a degree. Our students should leave school ready to enter the world and be productive members of society whether that's entering an apprenticeship, taking a starter job or heading for college.  I serve to provide the foundation for everyone to succeed. 

About Me:  Chuck West is a retired Battalion Chief, with 34 years at Key Peninsula Fire Department. He is a General Contractor, president of the Key Peninsula Community Council, Chair of Key Free Clinic, a member of the Peninsula Schools Education Foundation and the Key Peninsula Business Association. Chuck graduated from Peninsula High School in 1976 and has had two children go through the Peninsula School District. Chuck lives in Lakebay with his wife and step son. He is working hard to bring back trade classes in-house at Peninsula schools. 



deborah krishnadasan

Director District 2

Click here for the District 2 map

Oath of Office: December 2015
Schools: Minter Creek Elementary, Peninsula High School, Purdy Elementary School
Committees: State Legislative Representative, Finance and Audit Advisory Committee, WASA Inclusionary Practices Project, Superintendent Search

Why I Serve: My family is so fortunate to live in Gig Harbor and it is my honor to volunteer my time and resources to give back and contribute to our community.  Serving as an elected school board member has allowed me to impact the educational experience of not only the 9000 students we serve today, but the thousands of students and community members our schools will serve in the future. COVID has definitely “interrupted” education as we know it but it has also highlighted the numerous needs and services our public schools actually provide to a community and while extremely challenging, I am thankful to be serving now to help get through these difficult times and potentially help redesign education in the future.



Lori Glover

Board Vice President, Director District 3

Click here for the District 3 map
Oath of Office: December 2019
Schools:  Pioneer Elementary, Henderson Bay High School, Discovery Elementary, Gig Harbor High School, Swift Water Elementary,  Harbor Ridge Middle School
Committees: Parent District Council, Equity Committee

Why I Serve: I am passionate supporter of public education, having raised all three of my kids in the Peninsula School District. The School Board provides an opportunity for me to give back to this great community, utilizing all of the volunteer experience I gained in the schools over the past 30 years. I am excited to help guide the selection process for our next Superintendent, and to see the long overdue facility improvements and addition of new schools. More than anything, I look forward to having ALL of our kids back in school! 



Natalie Wimberley

Director District 4

Click here for the District 4 map
Oath of Office: December 2019
Schools: Voyager Elementary, Kopachuck Middle School, Artondale Elementary
Committees: Parent District Council, CTE Advisory, Peninsula Learning Advisory, COVID Testing Pilot Task Force

Why I Serve: I am grateful for the opportunity to serve on the Peninsula School Board, which felt like a natural progression after years of volunteer service and professional experience in schools spanning the country and abroad. My service is deeply rooted in a commitment to ensure that all children have access to a rewarding pathway to graduation and a healthy preparation for the life that comes after high school. It is my honor to represent our community with a compassionate ear and a responsible voice in the development of policies, fiscal management, and projects that will impact families and our beautiful Pacific Northwest home for generations to come.

About Me: Born: Ft Belvoir, VA
College: BA Linguistics, UC Berkeley 1997 Husband: Heath Wimberley (married 2000) Children: Ryan (GHHS ’21), William (GHHS ’24), Aiden (GHHS ’26) Dogs: Astrid and Seamus

Hobbies: Stand Up Paddling, Boating, Traveling, Baking, Movies, Hiking, Reading

Places I’ve lived: Alamogorodo, NM, Bodø Norway, Phoenix, AZ, Osan South Korea, Enid, OK, San Antonio, TX, Clovis, NM, Walnut Creek, CA, Fort Walton Beach, FL, Utica, NY, Washington DC

Other organizations I serve: Tacoma Narrows Airport Advisory Commission, Gig Harbor Sister Cities Planning Board

Teacher who had the biggest impact on me:  Mrs Libby McSheehy, 5th Grade, Kenwood Elementary for many reasons but mostly because I can remember the way it felt to be in her classroom; encouraged, welcomed, and challenged. She remains my gold standard.



David Olson

Board President, Director District 5

Click here for the District 5 map
Oath of Office: December 2013, December 2017
Schools:  Harbor Heights Elementary, Goodman Middle School
Committees: State Legislative Representative, Trades Council, Capital Projects Advisory Committee

Why I Serve: Prior to becoming a School Board Director, I was actively involved in community service projects, focused on helping youth-at-risk, for over 25 years.  The majority of my family – wife, sister, son, in-laws – are all in the education field.  So, serving on the School Board was a natural calling for me.  It has been an honor to serve my community on the Peninsula School District Board of Directors. 

About Me: David Olson is originally from Texas.  He entered the military out of high school, becoming a Navy diver.  He served 28 years in the Navy and retired as a Chief Warrant Officer in 2005.  David and his family moved to Gig Harbor upon retirement after researching the Peninsula School District.  His children attended Goodman Middle School and graduated from Gig Harbor High School.  

He has been very committed to his local community for over 25 years - serving on numerous local boards in Tacoma and Gig Harbor. He was elected to the School Board in 2013.  He has served on numerous District committees, served as Vice President for four years, and currently as Board President.