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Peninsula 2026 Strategic Plan Logo

Peninsula School District’s new strategic plan will guide our collective work over the next five years to build on our tradition of success to become the best school district in the state.

The initial foundation of the plan was created by the Peninsula School District Board of Directors, and the final version reflects input collected through numerous in-person meetings with staff, students, and community members and an online engagement platform called ThoughtExchange. 

Thank you to all of you who participated in the strategic planning process. Your commitment to the long-term success of our district ensures that the strategy, priorities, and goals outlined within this plan truly capture a path forward that is reflective of the needs, desires, and demands of the PSD community.

This strategic plan is centered around our district’s core values, which call out our belief that every child, in every school, deserves daily support on their own unique journey to excellence.

Krestin Bahr, Superintendent

By carefully aligning our values and goals within a strategic plan, we will ensure the district is moving in the right direction to achieve our mission and vision. 

- Superintendent Krestin Bahr


Our Vision: To inspire and empower every child every day - text with photo of GHHS graduate.
Our Mission: text with photo of young student.


Our Values
Character text with photo of Artondale students, principal, and otter mascot
Culture text and photo of Swift Water Elementary principal and office staff
Confidence text and photo of PHS drama students
Curiosity text with photo of Harbor Ridge students


Our Goals Text
Goal 1: Academic Excellence and photo of student

We will provide every child with a high-quality education that is personalized and responsive to their unique learning needs.


  • All students will learn, achieve, and grow at high levels throughout grades P - 12.
  • All students receive whatever support they need for continuous improvement and success.
  • All students benefit from a highly-trained, highly motivated instructional staff.
Goal 2: Innovation with photo of student and volunteer

We will develop and adopt practices and programs that encourage children to remain curious, take chances, and learn from failure.


  • Transform mindsets of learners to inspire curiosity, creativity, and a sense of wonder.
  • Foster a culture of risk taking for learners.
  • Empower learners to innovate.


Goal 3: Fiscal Responsibility

We will efficiently and transparently align human, financial, and physical resources to support effective, innovative, educational programs and facilities.


  • Share fiscal information that is easy to understand to promote transparency and accountability.
  • Provide effective, efficient, and innovative service models for district-wide operational systems.
  • Attract, develop, and retain high-quality and culturally diverse staff.



Goal 4: Learning Environment with photos of students and staff

We will ensure an inclusive community and culture
where everyone is safe, valued, respected, and finds a
sense of belonging.


  • Develop inclusive learning environments that are safe, innovative, equitable, flexible, and accessible for diverse learners.
  • Create a district-wide culture where the well-being, social-emotional, and health needs of every student and staff member are prioritized.
  • Foster a culture where every student, staff, and community member has a voice to impact continuous improvement.
  • Create optimal learning environments by maintaining, modernizing, expanding, and adapting facilities that meet the needs of every student, staff, and community member.
Goal 5: Community Engagement with photo of Maritime Gig Parade

We will foster relationships with parents, caregivers, and our community built on mutual respect, collaboration, communication, and our shared commitment to student success.


  • Expand meaningful opportunities for parents/guardians, and community partners to positively impact student learning.
  • Ensure communication among partners is clear, timely, authentic, and trustworthy.