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Gifts and Donations

The Peninsula School District is fortunate to have support of parents, community members, businesses and other organizations that bring additional opportunities and resources to our students through donations, partnerships, and volunteerism.  

Each year, the district, its schools, clubs, and sports teams receive hundreds of donations to support their operations.

Individual notes of thanks and acknowledgement* are prepared by the receiving group for the donor.

In cases where the donation is $500 or more, either in money or goods, the district's business office will also prepare and send a written acknowledgement to the donor, and will forward information about the donation to the school board for approval. 

Accepting gifts and donations is part of the board's consent agenda. Information on donations received can be found by reviewing the minutes of prior board meetings, available on the board Meeting Agendas web page.

*Written acknowledgement is required for donations of $250 or more. 

Gift Donation Form

Policy 7260: Gifts

Procedure 7260P: Gifts