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What is student life all about in the PSD ?

Community Aquatics Programs offer programs in our two high school pools..

Student Services has answers from preschool on up ....

CAPE has STEM opportunities for girls 

The Health Science Summer Internship offers sophomores and juniors valuable real world experience

Alumni Activities include a Baseball Game 

 The summer satellite Academy has many courses available 










PHS Clubs

Clubs and Activities


Anime Club: Meet fellow anime lovers, draw fan art, and eat snacks.  Sometimes we just chill out and discuss Anime and our favorite characters.

Thursdays—after school

Room: 605

Advisor: Mrs. Buchanan

Art Club: Art Club meets to plan and execute openings for the Gallery.   Student visual artists meet to work on personal projects.  Club members can create work with various media in the glass room, the print/batik room, and the ceramics lab. Students have time to reflect and respond to each other’s work and have an opportunity to submit pieces for art openings.

Thursdays—after school

Room: 604

Advisor: Mrs. Buchanan

ASL Club: ASL club provides leadership opportunities for students to get involved with our local Deaf Community through a variety of activities. 

Fridays—after school

Room: 621

Advisor: Ms.Gutmann

Band Council: Plan and organize PHS Band events and fundraisers. Student leadership unit of the Band Program.

Tuesdays—after school

Room: 820

Mr. Ehli

Catering Club: Catering club’s mission is to develop restaurant skills through practicing culinary techniques. Club activities will include but are not limited too; catering two or more events, participating in the Iron Chef Competition, a field trip to participate in the Foods service industry and working at Winterfest.

Fridays—after school

Room: 506

Advisor: Mrs. Lyssand


Community Inclusion Program (CIP) Youth Leadership: This club assists with planning activities for youth of all abilities along with fun friendship events.  Students serve as mentors as they build relationships, appreciate everyone's gifts, support one another, receive leadership training and learn to be self-advocates. 

Specific dates: see advisor for info

Room: 303

Advisor: Mrs. Christiansen

DECA Club: PHS DECA prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs for careers in marketing, finance, hospitality and management.

Wednesdays—after school

Room 501

Advisor: Mr. Selfors

Drama Club: Contribute to the amazing drama performances at Peninsula High School.  Also have the opportunity to be trained in audio /visual and other theatrical technical opportunities.


Wednesdays—after school


Advisor: Mrs. Beloate

E-Sports (Competitive Video Gaming): Do you want to play video games from the past and present in a friendly, competitive environment? Do you want to face-off against your classmates in games ranging from Street Fighter to Mario Kart? Come join us soon at the E-Sports Club.

TBD-see advisor for info

Room: 108

Advisor: Mr. Miranda


Environmental Club: Work together to discuss environmental issues and take steps to help preserving the environment. Help make PHS a more environmental friendly place.

TBD-see advisor for info

Room: 411

Advisor: Mr. Mills

French Club: Discuss and share French language and culture with both French students and other classmates.

First Monday of the month

Room: 517

Advisor: Mme. Silberman

Games (Table top):  This club provides students a relaxed and fun-filled setting to enjoy board games, study strategy, learn negotiating skills, and hone their competitive skills.  Participants are given the opportunity to get professional design and play testing experience.

Tuesdays—after school

Room: 402

Advisor: Mrs. Ahlheim

GSA (QSA) Queer Straight Alliance - Educate and advocate for acceptance and diversity at PHS and in the greater community

TBD-see advisor for info

Advisor: Mrs. Hughes

Interact Club: A community service club that serves the greater Gig Harbor area.  The club works closely with the local Rotary Club


Mondays—after school


Advisor: Ms. Bowlan

HOSA (Future Health Professionals): An organization created to help students in our Biomedical Sciences Program develop leadership skills, networking opportunities, and competition opportunities.  Student members plan meetings, organize fundraisers, engage in community service, and compete against other HOSA chapters.

Wednesday-7:30 am

Room: 414

Advisor: Mr. Collins

 & Mrs. Riley

Key Club: A community service club that serves the greater Gig Harbor area.  The club works closely with the local Kiwanis Club.

Tuesdays-after school

Room: 621

Advisor: Ms. Gutmann

Knowledge Bowl: Competitive academic team representing PHS in quiz competitions against other schools (think 'Jeopardy!' only with teams instead of individuals). We participate in a league with regular competitions against a number of Pierce County schools.

Fridays—after school

Room: W4

Advisor: Mr. Bill

Lifesavers: Promote awareness regarding suicide prevention in our school and community. Teams of students learn and provide a 45 minute suicide awareness curriculum to all PHS health classes.  A school wide awareness day is also planned and presented once or twice a year.   

TBD-see advisors for info

Room 412

Advisors: Lori Smith & Pam Martin

Model United Nations:  Simulate the real United Nations as we work together to create practical and dynamic solutions to the world’s most pressing problems. Learn how to think critically, collaborate with others, propose constructive resolutions, and develop diplomatic skills! We will also prepare for and travel to state and international conferences.

Wednesdays—after school

Room: W7

Advisor: Ms. Hutcheson

National Honor Society: Promotes academic achievement (students maintain a GPA above 3.5) and community service (students must complete 30 or more hours yearly).

Thursdays- 7:00 am

Room: W3

Advisor: Mrs. Crabtree

Phoenix: PHS’s literary magazine. Artwork and writings by students is showcased by a publication staff that you can be a member of. Established to strengthen the school community through different arts.

  Mondays—after school

Room: 212

Advisor: Mrs. Bruey 

Photo Club: Student photographers meet after school to work on personal and group projects.  Club members experiment with various photographic processes and techniques and have time to work in the studio.

TBD- see advisor

Room: 518

Advisor: Mr. Potasky

Radio Club: Provide an opportunity for students to participate in radio related activities. Students will help promote KGHP and play a key role in coordinating the annual Washington State High School Radio Conference and Awards program. 

Mondays—after school

Room:519 (KGHP)

Advisor: Mr. Smith

Speech and Debate: The goal of this club is to promote interscholastic debate, oratory, public speaking, and interpretation of literature. Members compete in regional tournaments. Charted membership with the National Speech and Debate Association.

Mondays—after school

Room: W1

Advisor: Mr. Kendall

TSA/STEM (Technology Student Association): There are over 30 different competitions/events all tied to STEM principles. It will cover a wide a range of topics from Architecture to Speech, Robot design to Aerospace Engineering and much more.

1st and 3rd Wednesday of every month

Room: 702

Advisor: Mr. Morton

UNICEF Club: This club partners with the U.S. Fund for UNICEF to educate, advocate, and fundraise to help save children in 190 countries and territories around the globe. Great opportunity to make a difference and gain community service hours.

Thursdays—after school

Room: 515

Advisor: Mrs. O’Leary

Young Ambassadors: The goal of this club is to serve as ambassadors and leaders to new students at Peninsula High School. You will work with the counseling office to welcome and connect new students to the PHS community.

TBD- See counseling office





GHH Clubs

Ambassador Club
To represent Gig Harbor High School in a manner that creates a culture of acceptance and community for all students and staff.  To ensure new students are welcomed and integrated into the school and community through the support of the Ambassador Club.  To unite all students at Gig Harbor High School and recognize the importance of the individual. Check us out on Facebook - GHHS Ambassador Club

Contact Bunky Janovich


All students interested in Japanese animation and the art of Asia, especially animation art. Meets every Thursday after school in room 211

Contact Pat Kurz


Volunteer opportunities open to all students. Peer presentations are restricted to Juniors and Seniors only,
per state guidelines.

Contact Maggie Anderson

Book Club
Anyone interested in reading and discussing books.  Enjoy time with friends, expand our thinking, laugh, and heighten our creativity through reading--and eat snacks. Come to the library Wednesdays after school

Contact Stacey Marten

Indoor/Beach Volleyball Club
Become a member of our volleyball club.  If you are interested in competitive volleyball and playing in various tournaments, join our club!

Contact Tony

Chinese Club
Anyone who is interested in Chinese culture is welcome. Many of the club members are Chinese language students but it is not a requirement.

Contact Heidi Steele
Meets every other Monday at 2:30 in room 104

The mission of the club is to better the lives of those less fortunate than us.   

Contact Kelly Indahl

DECA (Distributive Education Clubs of America) is a national organization offering experiences in competitive marketing and business at the local, state and national levels.

Contact Kevin Davis

Dungeons & Dragons
Any student interested in gaming

Contact Pat Kurz

GHCS (Gig Harbor Computer Science)
Students interested in learning programming, computer science, web design and computational thinking with any experience level. We are a part of our school's STEM club and often meet briefly with the STEM club in room 405.

Contact Roland Smith

Students interested in the environment. Our focus is on both Gig Harbor as well as global communities.

Contact JoAnn Moore

GHHS JSA            
 To discuss and educate on civic issues, (politics, government, foreign affairs, law and education) to encourage 
 active and informed citizenship

Contact Jim Greetham

Interact Club
The club is sponsored by the Gig Harbor Mid-Day Rotary Club.  To raise student awareness about service not only to their community but around the world.

Contact Kevin Entze


 Key Club
We are members of the oldest and largest international program for high school students to participate in community service. We are sponsored by Kiwanis International through our local Gig Harbor Kiwanis. Key Club assists Kiwanis in carrying out its mission to serve the children of the world. High school student members of Key Club perform acts of service in their communities, such as cleaning up parks, collecting clothing and organizing food drives. They also learn leadership skills by running meetings, planning projects and holding elected leadership positions at the club, district and international levels.

Contact Kathy Blanchard

Knowledge Bowl
Knowledge Bowl is an interscholastic team trivia competition.  A moderator asks a series of questions regarding academic subjects and pop culture.  Teams score points by being the first to buzz in with the correct answers.  All students are welcome to join, and there are no tryouts or cuts.  We have one practice per week , and we compete in an area league from November through February, usually once per week after school.  

Contact Heidi Allen

Latino Club
To support and strengthen the Latino community at Gig Harbor High School.

Contact Alyse Yeaman

Lifesaver Club
Any student who is interested in suicide prevention and other issues of mental health awareness 

Contact Joe Everett

Magic Club
The Trading Card Game club is often called the Magic gathering club since most of the club members play Magic more than other games. The club also supports other card games like Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokémon and constructible games like Pirates or Star Wars.

Contact Pat Kurz

National Honor Society
Four main purposes have guided chapters of NHS from the beginning:  "To create enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate a desire to render service, to promote leadership, and to develop character in the students of secondary schools."  These purposes also translate into the criteria used for membership selection in our chapter.  

Contact Heidi Allen

The Sound Newspaper Club
Students who are currently enrolled in the advanced journalistic writing class or Newspaper.

Contact Roland Smith

A group of high school students who want to make a difference in their world.
These students gather to meet the various human needs of their high school, surrounding community, and beyond.
W.A.Y.S. (World Awareness & Youth Services) is a club which pulls together volunteers to help with service projects.

Contact David Millard

The SPECTRUM Club is a student run club in a high school setting that brings together LGBTQ and straight students to support each other, provide a safe place to socialize, and create a platform for activism to fight homophobia and transphobia.

Contact Maggie Anderson

Speech & Debate
Students who want to be part of one of Gig Harbor High School’s most successful competitive teams and who want to develop their speaking, acting or critical thinking skills.

Contact Chris Coovert

Students who are interested in Science, Technology, Engineering & Math.

$15.00 Fee
Contact Joe Marten

Tsunami Yearbook
Anyone interested in working on the yearbook

Contact Roland Smith

Video Game Club
Open to anyone interested in video gaming

Contact Pat Kurz

Young Republicans
To discuss conservative ideas and issues

Contact William Clark