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CAPE - Career & Pathway Expo

Collage of Girls at CAPE

CAPE– Connecting Super Girls with Super Mentors through STEM

CAPE– Career and Pathway Expo Career and Pathway Expo (CAPE) is a Saturday event in April that engages and promotes 6th through 8th-grade females in STEM pathways. A group of 250 girls representing all four middle schools in the Peninsula School District will gather on Saturday, April 6th, 2019 at Harbor Ridge Middle School. The event, which is in its fourth year, will include a motivational keynote speaker, an Expo with teachers showcasing Science and Math core classes, CTE electives, and club opportunities. The final portion of the day features a community outreach event with breakout workshops led by female industry leaders in non-traditional fields, for example, suturing with surgeons on fruit and testing LEGO towers on a shake table with a structural engineer.

Who – 250 girls in 6th-8th grade across the Peninsula School District
When – Saturday, April 6th, 2019 from 9:00 am to 1:30 pm
Where – Harbor Ridge Middle School at 9010 Prentice Ave NW

Schedule Overview:

8:45 Student Check-in

9:15 Keynote Speakers

9:45 Teacher & Community hands-on STEM Expo

11:00 Three rotations of career workshops related to Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math

1:00 Wrap-up presentation and sack lunch

1:30 Dismissal Remember to bring a labeled sack lunch!


Sample of Career Workshops

(Please note students are assigned to specific sessions based on their interest survey on the registration form- below are examples only)

Engineering/Technology Sessions:

• Design and test a building model on a shake table with structural engineers

• Play with coding to unlock all of the careers in gaming, design & programming with a computer scientist

• Take a mini field trip with project managers to get a sense of their exciting and versatile career

Medical/Health Sciences Sessions:

• Scrub into a heart repair simulation with an endovascular surgeon

• Find a baby’s heartbeat on a pregnant patient using a fetal Doppler machine

• Practice bringing a baby back to life with infant resuscitation techniques on medical mannequins

Animal Sciences Sessions:

• Create a water filtration system with instructions from marine biologists

• Get to play veterinarian for a session using their instruments to examine an animal

• Save the world, one species at a time, in an endangered species class

Contact Deborah Ladd (253-530-1076 or with any event, scholarship, or additional questions.