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Community Transition Program


Community Transition Program


The Community Transition Program (CTP) supports young adults as they transition to life after high school in achieving the greatest degree of independence and quality of life.

CTP is individualized for each student (ages 18 – 21) based on the IEP goals which take into account student needs, strengths, preferences, interests, work experience, and desired post school outcomes.  Also CTP provides interagency collaboration with the goal of creating a smooth transition from school services to services from adult agencies after students exit the program.

There are three components of the CTP program:

  • Work Skills: career exploration; worker traits; job development; job training, co-worker relationship; and all areas related to employment.
  • Personal Management: self advocacy; daily planning; budgeting of time and money; shopping; cooking; home and personal care.
  • Community Access: transportation training; joining community athletic programs; expanding community options for recreation; creating peer relationships and other life long activities.

Students in this program receive Progress Reports at the end of each semester.  They also receive credit for participation/attendance on their high school transcript based on their IEP goals.  High school diplomas are issued after completion of this program and/or completion of their IEP goals.




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