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Continuous Learning in Peninsula Schools

Starting Monday, April 20, teachers will provide enhanced remote instruction; each course or subject will offer essential new learnings and incorporate digital and non-digital materials into instructional activities. These new lessons are meant to help students be prepared to move to their next grade levels or next course in a sequence.

In addition to teaching new concepts, staff will continue connecting with every student to help guide their learning and support social-emotional well being. 

Our goal is to provide consistent, easy-to-find learning opportunities for all students, while understanding we will cover significantly less content than normal because of this unprecedented situation.

What Continuous Learning Looks Like:
-Teachers will begin or continue scheduled office hours;
-Teachers will provide weekly learning plans for students;
-Teacher teams will identify the concepts to be taught over the remainder of the school year through June 19; and 
-Students will receive feedback from teachers on their work.

 Information about how students' work will be assessed will be shared soon.

Students in Special Populations
We are also working to connect with students in our special populations, such as our homeless students, those with disabilities and our English Learners. Special services staff and teachers will work collaboratively to ensure students can successfully access continuous learning opportunities.

Please read our message to students and families about grading.

Thank you
We acknowledge this is an unprecedented situation and that many families are dealing with new arrangements with childcare, financial uncertainty and other changes to their normal routines. This is a difficult time for our community, including educators and their families, and we thank you all for your patience as we all come together. 

This will be a fluid process. While much remains uncertain right now, one thing is sure - this crisis will pass, and we will move forward together. We can do this!  

Resources to help you at home

Additional Resources 

Continuous Learning Tools
(Info and tips for using Schoology, Remind, Zoom, etc.)

Internet Access Options

A Guide for Students and Families

Learning is Fun!

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What's Expected
Based on OSPI guidance, we recommend these developmentally appropriate times for student work per day. You may wish to adjust for your family, but our teachers will be working within these parameters.

-Pre-K: 30 minutes
-Grade K-1:  45 minutes
-Grade 2-3:  60 minutes
-Grade 4-5:  90 minutes
-Grade 6-8:  2.5 hours per day 
  (20 minutes per class)
-Grade 9-12:  3 hours per day
  (30 minutes per class)