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Music Programs

Music Programs

The Mission

The mission of the Peninsula School District Music Staff is to engage all students in exploring and developing an understanding and appreciation of music through a comprehensive program that is based on the National Standards.

The Vision

The vision of the Peninsula School District Music Staff:

  1. Clear and Shared Focus (Value)
    Music is a core academic discipline with its own body of knowledge, skills and ways of thinking and should be an integral part of basic education.
  2. High Standards and Expectations
    Music education inspires excellence and promotes personal enrichment.
  3. High Levels of Collaboration and Communication
    Music educators establish growth and development in music by providing a nucleus of musical life for the larger community.
  4. Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment Aligned with Standards
    Music education from preschool through 12th grade should be provided in a balanced, sequential program that is based on National Standards.
  5. Focused Professional Development
    Music educators mutually encourage one another in professional growth and attainment.
  6. Supportive Learning Environment
    Music educates the whole person in a protective, supportive learning environment.
  7. High Levels of Community and Parent Involvement
    Music is a part of the human experience and, as such, plays a central role in human culture. It is a universal language that enriches the lives of all it touches.

National Standards

National Association for Music Education