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Special Education

Updated 8/28/2020

While we begin the 20-21 school-year in accordance with the Reopening Peninsula Schools Guidebook, we want to assure you that special education services will be provided at all Stages of reopening.  IEP services (specially designed instruction and related services) will be provided in both a remote and in-person setting depending on the Stage of reopening and consistent with requirements and guidance from the Tacoma Pierce-County Health Department and OSPI's Special Education Guidance.

Based on current guidance, we expect to begin the school year on September 8 in a “high” community COVID-19 rate as defined by the Health Department Decision Tree for Reopening Schools and will reopen Peninsula Schools in Stage 3.  In stage 3, the majority of students will receive remote instruction.  We are able to provide limited, in person learning in small groups, or cohorts, of students with the highest needs.  In each stage of reopening and in accordance with Health Department and OSPI guidance, we will follow all COVID-19 related health protocols and procedures including health screenings, cleaning protocols, physical distancing, cloth face coverings, etc.   

Stage 3

Starting on September 8:
District Level Programs: Options, TRAC, ET&T, CTP (18-21)

Our staff have been planning for students with the most significant disabilities who are served in District Level Programs (Options, TRAC, ET&T, CTP 18-21) to receive limited, small group, in person services. 

  • Small groups are defined as no more than 5 students and no more than 2 adults Health Dept Guidance.

  • As we begin the school year on Sept 8, limited services will initially be provided for 2 sessions per week, for up to 3 hours per session.

  • The focus of in-person learning will be special education services/goals and related services that are most challenging to provide in a remote setting.

  • Students will receive services indicated in their IEPs - while some services will be provided in-person, some services/instruction, both general and special education - will be provided remotely to account for all IEP minutes.  

  • Transportation will be provided

  • After September 21, If virus conditions allow and after students and staff have become familiar with protocols and routines, services may be increased in frequency and duration based on student needs while continuing to follow Health Department guidance regarding small groups and all other health and safety protocols.

Starting the week of September 21:
While in Stage 3, the following services will begin the week of September 21 
Developmental Preschool (ages 3-5)
Students placed in Developmental Preschool programs will be provided the option of accessing limited, in person services.  
  • Students and families will have the option of accessing 2 sessions per week for up to 90 minutes per session, in groups/cohorts of 5 or less 

  • Identified IEP services (specially designed instruction and related services) will be prioritized for in-person services while some will be provided remotely.  As conditions improve, services may increase based on student need.

  • Transportation will be provided

  • Parents can expect teachers to begin connecting with them to develop an in person plan by September 4.

  • As conditions improve and students adjust to routines and schedules, services may increase based on student needs.

Resource Room Services 
Prior to September 21, students’ special education and related services will be provided remotely. Beginning the week of September 21st and after students have had the opportunity to become familiar with their daily schedules and routines, small groups of students who receive special education services in a resource room setting will have the option to access limited in person services.
  • Small groups/cohorts of students (5 or fewer students)  will have the option of accessing 1-2 sessions per week for 1-3 hours per session depending on individual student needs as identified in Individualized Education Plans.

  • In-person services will be determined on a case by case basis 

  • While some special education services and goals may be provided in-person, some services may continue to be provided remotely.

  • Case managers will begin contacting parents the week of September 14

  • Transportation will be provided

Speech and Language, Occupational Therapy, and Physical Therapy Services

Prior to September 21, students’ special education and related services will be provided remotely.  Beginning the week of September 21 and after students have had the opportunity to adjust to and become familiar with their schedule and daily routines, small groups or individual students will have the opportunity to access some in-person SLP, OT, and PT services.

  • Students will have the option of accessing weekly therapy services depending on individual needs as identified in Individualized Education Plans.

  • Services will be determined on a case by case basis.  

  • Transportation will be provided

  • Case managers will contact parents the week of September 14

Stage 4

District Level Programs: Developmental Preschool, Options, TRAC, ET&T, CTP

Upon entering Dial Stage 4 and a “Moderate” community COVID-19 transmission rate, we anticipate being able to serve larger groups of students more frequently while still maintaining physical distancing and all other health and safety protocols.  At this time, we will offer the option of in-person services for our students in District Level Programs (Developmental Preschool, Options, TRAC, ET&T, CTP) 4-5 days per week.  Building level teams with the support of Special Education administration will begin planning to ensure that all health and safety protocols can safely be followed and implemented for the return to regularly scheduled in-person IEP services for those students who wish to access them.  During this time, some general education instruction will still be accessed remotely as the majority of general education instruction will continue to be provided virtually.  Families and students who do not wish to access in-person IEP services will continue to be provided the opportunity to access IEP services remotely.

 If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to your student’s case manager, principal, or any of our Student Services staff and administration.



For Special Education Records, please send your request and authorization to fax (253) 530-1085 or email to


The Student Services Department provides specially designed instruction and related services to benefit students with disabilities. Peninsula School District engages in ChildFind and other identification activities, and provides appropriate services for all identified students with disabilities. Our goal is to assist each student to achieve academic success, and to make the transition from school to the community and the world of work.

We are committed to providing a comprehensive program of instructional and related service options for a Free and Appropriate Public Education (FAPE) for all children with disabilities, ages three to twenty-one years.

Additional Information

For additional information regarding special education resources in our state, access the OSPI (Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction) Special Education website   for Washington state.

Special Education Procedural Safeguards