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The Academies at Henderson Bay

“ . . . we need bold new programs and practices 
that celebrate and respond to each learner as an individual.  
Let no child be left unknown or their uniqueness undistinguished.”
Coming from Behind:  A Note to Our Nation’s Leaders, 
Carlos Moreno,
Education Reimagined, 2021

The Academies at Henderson Bay

This year we’ve taken time to redesign some of our existing programs and reimagine new services to better meet the needs of our students and families. We are excited about our decision to create multiple platforms at Henderson Bay to serve a broader set of student needs. This summer Henderson Bay will transition from a high school to a site for specialized academies that serve our entire student population. 

The most innovative change we’ve made is turning Henderson Bay High School into a site for specialized academies to serve our students in grades 9 through 12. This site will be called The Academies at Henderson Bay. Beginning in the 2021-2022 school year, The Academies at Henderson Bay will include the following programs.


Registration quick links

Please click a blue button below to access the registration form.  If you are new to the district or currently reside outside of the Peninsula Schools, please also complete district enrollment here.

The Academies at henderson bay website

On this current page you'll find a single-page summary of The Academies at Henderson Bay.

Click here to visit our full Academies at Henderson Bay website
with more information and resources


Bay Academy

In-person learning for students in grades 9-12 seeking a smaller, personalized, and focused learning environment. Most students will attend four classes and Advisory each day, giving them the opportunity to focus on fewer classes at a time. Schedules will allow for students to attend district-wide CTE programming such as Skilled Trades Pre-Apprenticeship or the Teacher Academy but may also attend classes at West Sound Tech. 

Registration Process
Please click the blue button to fill out a Bay Academy interest form if you are interested in enrolling in The Bay Academy for Fall 2021.

Bay Academy INterest Form - Fall 2021


Global Virtual Academy (GVA)

Virtual and in-person learning for students in grades K-12. This program will serve those who found success with remote learning this school year and those who are not ready to return to school due to pandemic or other health concerns. 

GVA will offer two levels:
GVA Elementary (K-5) will be administered through Discovery Elementary School and GVA Secondary (6-12) will be administered through The Academies at Henderson Bay. This program will replace the former Peninsula Internet Academy.

Registration Process
To express registration interest in Global Virtual Academy, please check your email for a survey that was sent to all families in the district on May 7, 2021. The individualized learning preference survey included an option to select Global Virtual Academy.

Additionally, a high school registration form is available below:

 GVA INterest Form - Fall 2021


Bridge Academy

In-person learning for students in grades 9-12 with a focus on personalized, progressive, and project-based learning. This model is very responsive for students who would like to re-engage with school, who need a flexible schedule, or who may like to open up their schedule to more opportunities.  Students and teachers work together to plan learning based on student curiosity, interests, and cross curricular design. Students demonstrate their understanding through project creation and presentation.  Each student has a staff member as their advocate.  

Registration Process

Bridge Academy INterest Form - Fall 2021


CTE Academy

Expanding on the district-wide opportunities within Career and Technical Education (CTE) such as Skilled Trades Pre-Apprenticeship, Teacher Academy, and Navy JRTOC, we will be developing short-term and program-length classes that offer industry certification and career-connected learning. Opportunities will vary throughout the year, so stay tuned!


Our Continued Commitment

Henderson Bay has always been known for the ability to provide a personalized, relationship based educational setting for students who need something different than what a traditional school setting offers. We continue our commitment to knowing students well and building on that relationship for student success. 

Specialties of Administration at Henderson Bay

Anne Mullen
Director of Programs at Henderson Bay

Specializing in the Global Virtual Academy, grades 6-12

Brian Tovey
Director of Programs at Henderson Bay

Specializing in the Bay Academy

Erin O’Neill
Executive Director of College, Career and Life Readiness

Specializing in the CTE Academy and the Bridge Academy