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Peninsula internet academy

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Enrollment information

Please contact Peninsula Internet Academy Secretary Julie Riley at for information on full-time enrollment registration.

*** PIA summer School Registration now open! ***



PIA Summer School

PIA offers asynchronous, online opportunities for students over the summer. Students can choose to take regular classes in order to get ahead in credit and open up their schedule. We also offer opportunities for students to retrieve credits for classes previously failed.


Summer School:
Regular Online Courses

Students are limited to two online classes during the summer. Classes are taken consecutively. Year-long courses are taken one semester after another, with the first of the sequence to be finished by Wednesday, July 14th.  

Most classes begin immediately. (PE, CCFE and Health are filled on a first-come, first-served basis and begin June 24th). All summer online courses must be finished no later than Wednesday, August 4th.

Most regular online classes are taken using the K12 curriculum through the Brightspace/PEAK platform. PE, CCFE and Health are taught by in-district teachers, and taken on the PSD Schoology platforms.

Summer School:
Online Credit Recovery

Credit Recovery classes can be taken for courses previously failed, or showing an incomplete on a student's transcript. 

To earn back credit, students must complete the course to a 70% cumulative grade. All credit recovery classes are taken using the K12 curriculum through the Brightspace/PEAK platform.  

Credit recovery classes will run from Wednesday, June 24th to Wednesday, August 4th.

Summer 2021 Registration and courses

Please click the accordions below to expand the summer course options. Click on the button to complete the registration form.

Register Now for 2021 Summer School


Next Steps Following Registration

Once we receive your registration, we will work as quickly as we can to get you enrolled into your course(s). You will receive an email with instructions for logging into your new class. The email will explain where to log in and how to get started in your online course(s). We expect students to start within three days of receiving that email. Even during the summer, it’s important to check your email every day!

Taking online classes requires dedication and perseverance. Our classes are rigorous, and require consistent attention. Students must log into each class each week, and plan to spend as much time working in their course as they would if they were taking a course during a class period at the high school. This includes additional time for homework.

Classroom teachers usually respond to questions about course content within 72 hours. The summer coordinator answers emails daily regarding system navigation.

Student Expectations for Online Learning



2020-2021 School Year Information Archive

* For part-time enrollment, please contact your school counselor, as registration will go through your brick-and-mortar setting. 
(Please click on the school name below to determine the name of the correct counselor.)


We look forward to working with you in the future!



Contact Information

Address: 5800 Soundview Drive-Bldg E, Gig Harbor WA 98335
Phone: (253) 530-3850  
Anne Mullen – Online Coordinator
John Rosi – Online Teacher
Julie Riley – Secretary