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Set of three photos side by side of Kindergarten students with masks at desks looking at camera
Music teacher sitting at piano bench smiling at camera with mask on and recorder in hand
High school science teacher working with students at lab station in classroom
External street view of Pioneer entrance with 2 smaller embedded ribbon cutting photos
Teacher leading elementary classroom with spaced desks and masks
Row of buses parked with trees in background
Your 2019 bond dollars at work banner sign in ground with new Pioneer Elementary School in background





Latest News in Peninsula School District

Peninsula School District

Welcome to the Peninsula School District located in Gig Harbor, Washington. Peninsula School District is comprised of 17 schools and nearly 9,000 students. Geographically, it is located across Puget Sound from the Seattle/Tacoma area and covers a 120 square-mile area on two peninsulas. The Peninsula School District is considered one of the strongest and most innovative districts in the State of Washington.

Gig Harbor is nestled at the south end of Puget Sound. This quiet waterfront village is a community rich in maritime history, scenery, quaint shops, and unparalleled recreation. Gig Harbor is an easy 45-minute drive from Seattle/Tacoma International Airport and has convenient access to Tacoma, Seattle, Mt. Rainier National Park, Olympic National Park and many picturesque towns along the way.