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Summer Satellite Academy

Summer Satellite Academy is a partnership between Peninsula School District and West Sound Technical Skills Center – and it is free to students and their families!

It is a great opportunity for students who want to:

  • Make more room in their regular schedule for courses
  • Get a head start on their high school career
  • Recover course credit

Upon completion of the course, students will earn a letter grade and .5 credits toward graduation.

Who: All incoming 9th-12th grade students
Where: Peninsula High School - Fully In-person
When:  Monday, July 10 - Thursday, July 27, 2023
Time:  8:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

  • Free to students and their family.
  • Free transportation.
  • Breakfast and lunch provided.

Summer Satellite PDF Flyer

Registration opens Monday, April 17th through West Sound Tech Skills Center
To register, visit:

What courses are available?

AMERICAN SIGN LANGUAGE (ASL) .5 Credit | CTE & World Language Grad Requirements
ASL will introduce you to the language and culture of Deaf people in the United States. We will focus on specific language and cultural behaviors, as well as introduce students to the grammar of ASL.

COLLEGE, CAREER & FINANCIAL EXPLORATION .5 Credit | CTE and a Grad Requirement in PSD
CCFE equips you with the knowledge and skills that will help connect high school to your plans after you graduate with education and employment. You will explore careers, and college opportunities and understand the steps to achieve success.

DIGITAL PHOTO .5 Credit | CTE & Art Grad Requirements
You’ll learn and apply the basic elements of art and the principles of design using the digital camera and photo software as your tools. You will get to know digital photographic equipment, materials, methods, and processes.

DRONE PILOT CERTIFICATION .5 Credit | CTE Grad Requirements
Drone Pilot Certification will prepare students to earn an FAA Part 107 commercial drone certification (students must be 16 to test through FAA). Certification shows that you are skilled for employment and understand how to fly drones safely and responsibly. The course includes regulations, airspace, weather, loading and performance, and operations.

ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE .5 Credit | CTE & Science Grad Requirements
This is an introduction to the study of the natural world and how it is influenced by human activity. Students will explore the patterns and processes of Earth and how these are affected by natural and human impacts. You will learn about the environment specific to our area with field trips.

FORENSIC SCIENCE .5 Credit | CTE & Science Grad Requirements
Forensics Science studies the field of criminalistics -its ideology, techniques, and careers. Students will learn from case histories and mock crime scenes for practicing proper evidence selection, collection procedures, storage of, and processing of evidence.

HEALTH .5 Credit | CTE Grad Requirement
Health includes the physical, mental, social, and emotional aspects of wellness. You will learn about body systems, and nutrition, develop goals, resolve conflict, and analyze responsibilities related to human sexuality, the use of drugs, disease transmission, and First Aid/CPR.

WORKSITE LEARNING .5 Credit | CTE Grad Requirement
Worksite Learning allows you to earn high school credit for working, helping you achieve your education goals. A training agreement and learning plan with learning objectives signed by the student, work-based learning coordinator, employer, and parent must be in place to be considered for the course. A consistent, weekly recording of hours is critical to your success in the course. This should follow a completed business course (like CCFE) or taken at the same time.

*Worksite Learning is available to start June 22nd and ends August 31st. Students need 180 hours of documented work experience to earn credit and must register by June 15th.


Summer Satellite Academy is a partnership between Peninsula School District and West Sound Technical Skills Center.  It is a great opportunity for students to experience career and technical education during the summer and who want to have greater access to classes in high school.   Students will earn .5 credit toward graduation!

How to Register?

Registration is open now through West Sound Tech Skills Center
To register, visit:


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