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Facilities Planning Committee: All Work Material

At the October 12, 2017 Peninsula School District School Board Meeting, the Facilities Planning Committee presented a report to the board as the culmination of their nine months of work.

All material produced throughout the Facilities Planning Committee Process is shared here for reference.

Table of Contents

Meeting 1:

Meeting 2:
Photo: Questions For The Community
Photo: Facilities Timeline

Meeting 3:
Presentation: Gig Harbor Growth

Meeting 4:
This meeting  had a presentation followed by a lengthy workshop where we split the committee up into 8 groups (2 high school, 2 middle school, 2 elementary group A, 2 for elementary group B). Each group read through building condition data, site based feedback notes & guiding principles and then analyzed/discussed findings to come up with a priority ranking for each school. The photos show the boards (matrix) each group filled in to present the results of their work.
Photo: HS Priority Matrix Activity 1
Photo: HS Priority Matrix Activity 2
Photo: MS Priority Matrix Activity 1
Photo: MS Priority Matrix Activity 2
ES Priority Matrix Activity Group A 1
ES Priority Matrix Activity Group A 2
ES Priority Matrix Activity Group B 1
ES Priority Matrix Activity Group B 2

Meeting 5:
This meeting had a workshop component where we divided the committee into 3 groups to come up with scenarios for redistributing elementary classrooms (portable and/or built). Photos show the results of their work that each group presented to the whole.
Photo: Group Activity 1
Photo: Group Activity 2
Photo: Group Activity 3

Meeting 6:
Workshop format in which groups were asked to synthesize ALL info from past meetings and come up with potential “packages” (scopes of work across the district) based on priorities (now, 8 yr, 16 yr, 24+ yr). Each group had a laptop that was formatted to calculate cost info based on their inputs. The results of each groups work are shown in the attachments to the minutes.

Meeting 7:
This was first meeting back after summer break, so it was more of a recap and verification of past working meetings. No minutes – just photos of notes that we took during presentation & discussion period afterwards.
Chart Pack Notes

Meeting 8:
This final meeting was a big meeting – the first part was Trevor from Piper Jaffrey presenting on financing, then a workshop to develop “final” scenario recommendations. The other PPT was never really presented – it just had guiding principles & other info we put up on the screen for reference while the groups worked. The “scenarios” are schematic drawings that reflect scope of work identified by the committee from past meetings. They also correspond to cost estimates provided in the “packages.” Finally, the “recommendations” are the notes presented by each group that outline their preferred recommendation.
Presentation 1
Presentation 2
Photo: Scenarios ES 1
Photo: Scenarios ES 2
Photo: Scenarios MS
Photo: Scenarios HS
Costing For Proposed Packages
Group Recommendations

Other Materials:
Facility Summary Sheets

Site Based Listening Sessions Presentation
Site Listening Notes - Elementary
Site Listening Notes - Middle Schools
Site Listening Notes - High Schools
Site Listening Notes - Other

Community Forums Presentation
Community Forums Feedback