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High School Science Adoption

The High School Science Committee has been tasked with reviewing and coming to consensus on a comprehensive curriculum that could be implemented by classroom teachers in grades nine through twelve.  This includes core courses like Biology, Chemistry, and Physics and some electives.  It does not include AP, College in the High School, or Project Lead The Way (CTE) courses. Once consensus is reached by the committee, there will be a public review of the adoption committee's recommendation, the recommendation will be brought to the Instructional Advisory Committee (IAC), and then the Peninsula School District School Board will take action on the recommendation. 

Upon adoption of a comprehensive curriculum, the multi-year work of implementation will commence.  

Share Your Thoughts! 

As the initial phase this important process, we’d like to hear from parents, students, and staff about our students’ experiences with science from grades 9-12 during their time in the Peninsula School District.  As this is a comprehensive program review, please consider experiences before our current distance learning situation.

Responses are anonymous and will be used by the adoption committee to help inform their conversations about instructional practices, course offerings, and materials. As the adoption process continues, we will offer opportunities for parents and community members to review proposed materials. Thank you! We appreciate your participation.

We invite all high school parents to take our short parent survey linked below.  The survey will be open through Friday, December 18, 2020. A link for students is posted on their Portal.  Please encourage your high school student to take their survey.