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Continuous Learning Support Resources

Smiling 1st grade girl in front of computer

Continuous Learning Support Resources

To support our Continuous Learning Opportunities Program, we have compiled a list of online resources that gives students practice using instructional digital tools.

We recognize the importance of a healthy balance of screen time for our students. To this end, we are also compiling non-digital resources for students and families.

In addition, we encourage families to engage in screen-free family time including outdoor activities and family board game nights. This learning does not replace direct teacher instruction but rather reinforces skills that have already been taught in the classroom.

Setting Daily Routines

We realize the challenges involved with providing learning experiences at home for your children. One thing that can help is to setup daily schedules. As stated above, we are working to make sure that home learning provides a healthy balance of screen time and doesn't rely solely on online options. With these things in mind, we've adding some sample daily schedules that can allow you to mix online and offline opportunities. See more on this page.

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