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Continuous Learning - A guide for Students and Families

We have created our Peninsula Continuous Learning Plan to support our students and families during the school closure.  In March we provided parents with Home Learning Resources. With our Continuous Learning Plan teachers will be providing instruction and support, and offering feedback to students on the Essential New Learning content standards important to student success.

Continuous learning is:

  • Weekly lessons and activities, consisting of digital and non-digital materials, which students can work on independently and submit to their teacher. These are developmentally appropriate and in line with the recommended daily work times by grade/grade band listed below.
  • A model of instruction that can occur at any time—students independently self-pace their learning once teachers share the resources. 

  • Teacher communication through phone, email, Schoology, Remind,  Zoom, or other tools. 

  • Teachers will begin or continue scheduled office hours and weekly learning plans for students.

  • Teacher teams will identify the concepts to be taught over the remainder of the school year through June 19.

  • Students will receive feedback from teachers on their work.

Continuous Learning is not:

  • A replacement for normal daily instruction and the rich experience that occurs within the classrooms of school buildings.

  • An online school. 

  • Only the use of digital learning resources and activities.

What does this mean for Students?

  • Check on your weekly assignment schedules regularly and complete the assignments provided each week. 

  • Connect with your teacher(s) once a week via email, Zoom, or Schoology. 

  • Take an active role in your learning. Reach out to your teacher if you need support or have questions. 

  • Complete other supplemental choice learning activities, such as reading or accessing online resources.

  • Work with teachers on submission of work to show competency on the essential new learning.

What does this mean for Parents/Families?

  • Help/encourage your student to preview the week at a regular time each week to make a plan for the week.

  • Support a daily home schedule for instruction.

  • Provide a space for your child(ren) to learn and complete work. 

  • Encourage your child to connect with their teacher(s) once a week via email and Zoom, Schoology or Remind, and help them connect if needed.

  • Provide feedback through weekly surveys.

What’s Expected:

Based on OSPI guidance, we recommend these developmentally appropriate times for student work per day. You may wish to adjust for your family, but our teachers will be working within these parameters:

Pre K - 30 mins daily
K-1 - 45 mins daily
2-3 - 60 mins daily
4-5 - 90 mins daily
6-8 - 2.5 hours daily, 20 mins per subject
9-12 - 3 hours daily, 30 mins per subject

We Miss Our Students!

motivational cedarland

Ms. Cedarland - Minter Creek Elementary School

Technology Support:

Some of the digital tools we will be using may be new to some parents. Please don't get discouraged - we are here to help.

Please visit our tools support page  for more information and assistance.

If you need resources for finding internet access in our community, please check out this page for more information.