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Maintenance and Grounds

The Peninsula School District Maintenance and Operations Department cares for 15 schools and several other buildings spread out over approximately 120 square miles.

The grounds department is responsible for the care of 203 acres of land. Custodians and maintenance workers must clean and maintain roughly 3,000,000 square feet of buildings, including building envelopes, mechanical systems, electrical systems, plumbing systems, low-voltage electronic systems and door systems.

The maintenance department is also responsible for the waste management and recycling in the school district.

The maintenance department is here to provide first-class customer service for all who utilize our facilities. Our staff of caring professionals are here every day to ensure the teaching staff and students have a safe, clean environment.


The Peninsula School District appreciates the pride our community has exhibited in our facilities and school grounds, evidenced by the passage of bonds and levies. We are grateful our students, parents and the community want to help support school improvement projects. Our goal is to continue to:

  • Provide safe working conditions for volunteers  
  • Meet State and local code requirements
  • Meet public school safety standards

In order to meet these goals, prior approval of all school projects, including volunteer projects are necessary. The “Application for Approval of Volunteer Projects” is intended to provide the information needed by the District to comply with the above requirements. Dependent upon the complexity of the project, building permits may need to be secured, compliance with state and local building codes may need to be evaluated, and/or District personnel may need to be assigned to supervise the project. In order to assist us in expediting the approval of your project or activity, please submit the application with enough time to allow for these contingencies and to procure the Facility Director’s approval. If additional information is needed, the approval time may be extended. If the project requires District supervision, the Facilities Department will need a minimum of 2 weeks after the application is approved to assign a supervisor. Thank you for your help and cooperation.


A Guide to Building Care

This Guide contains information about the ways in which building staff and all building occupants can assist the District in maintaining a clean, safe, and healthy learning and working environment.